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-- Kawai & Kamaka Ah Quin | Kapolei, Hawaii

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101 Rekindled the Flame of Hope for our Family

Wasson Family

"101 financial was introduced to my husband Henny Wasson by his golf friend Jay Toleafoa about three years ago in 2011. Jay invited Henny and I to come to a 101 workshop, but a full time job, four children, their homework and activities made it nearly impossible for both of us to attend together. I told Henny “I already know how to budget my money and save, you just have to live within your means, you don’t know where your money is going, and you always read books about getting rich.” To tell you the truth, I thought 101 Financial was another Multi- Level Marketing (MLM) cattle call, but Henny was excited and I thought I’d let him scout it out first.

Around October, 2012, Henny finally attended a 101 workshop because we couldn’t see our finances improve as fast as we wanted, both of us worked and we had passive income coming in, but we were just existing.

Henny decided we must be doing something wrong, we need another perspective, new insight, a different approach because what we’re doing, was obviously not working. Henny signed up for the 99 level. What a blessing, and his first financially sound move I’m thankful for. I wished him luck, because I balanced our bills and I wanted him to pay off his debt first before we made bigger financial decisions.

Jay called me for our financial details and I provided it, but I was brutally honest about our finances, and Jay just listened. I told Jay “if you can get Henny to do 101 and stop him from spending his money foolishly, I will be your best salesperson.” Jay laughed, was very patient, and very understanding because I didn’t know anything about 101.

It took another five months to finally sit down and discuss our finances with Jay. This was around October, 2013. During these five months we added another $80,000.00 to our debt from the solar panels and Henny’s work vehicle. Our first 99 class with Jay took a while because we didn’t do our homework. Three hours long, sorry Jay - so do your homework!

Jay’s next appointment with us however was even better. Not only did Jay show us how fast we could eliminate debt, and leverage our hard earned money, but projected where we could be financially if we followed the 101 plan. How can we explain the joy of realizing that we could pay off our debts and actually be alive to see our mortgage paid off before leaving this world? 101 rekindled the flame of hope for our family, a better future, to spend quality time with our growing family because of financial freedom.

In November, 2013, we finally jumped onto the 101 financial system and paid off $17,000 of debt within the first month! This woke us up fast. We were not using our income’s full potential to pay off our debts and minimize the interest monsters.

Like all Hawai’i families, work, activities, and life kept us busy. We finally sat down together as husband and wife analyzing our finances, one team, one goal to freedom and happiness. This was the time to make drastic changes and decisions that would make life a lot better because our kids are getting older and we’re examples for them. Today, we are working together and budgeting is our first priority, and we are not living pay check to pay check.

I told Henny the only way we can fail is if we don’t follow the system. The system works if you work at it. Yes, it takes dedication and determination, it’s not easy and it’s a work in progress, but paying bills is so much easier and less stressful now.

Once again, thank you Alan for sharing this plan, we will be forever grateful for this financial freedom you’ve created for the local people of Hawaii. This is why Henny and I became instructors. We care about our friends and family, and we would like to help them find financial hope we found with 101 and feel what we feel today. My only regret is not doing this sooner, but again I wouldn’t have the experience and struggle to make this work. Like the saying goes, “Timing is everything.” Right now is the right time, our economy is not getting better and our children and our debts only get bigger, if we don’t do anything about it.

To this date August, 2014, we have paid off $58,000. Set your goals and go for it. Nothing is too big to accomplish. Put it out there and you will achieve whatever you can dream."

-- Genevieve & Henny Wasson

A Leap of Faith

Sabog-Lactaoen Family "The day we decided to take a leap of faith on the 101 Financial system was the day that has changed our lives forever. We had just become parents, and as young parents, we wanted guidance to ensure our family’s future. At that time, we had high balances on our credit cards, school loans, and had just purchased a new car. We were over $55,000 worth of debt and it was overwhelming to see that our way of paying "just a little more" each time was not making the progress we wanted to see.

We heard about the 101 system through Jina Magarin, and after 2 months of rescheduling, we were finally able to go to a workshop. We went in with an open mind, and we knew we found something amazing. In just 4 months of being on the system, we had paid off $20,000 in credit cards and personal loans. 2 months later, we were able to throw our son's first birthday party that we never thought we would be able to give him. Soon thereafter, we realized that it was possible to have the wedding of our dreams. Our $30,000 wedding day is essentially paid off, and we are so excited that we are able to share this blessed day with our son and the people we love.

Now being only two months out to our wedding day, we have realized how much this system has changed our perspective on life. We are able to dream again, be able to dream bigger dreams and have a solid plan to reach them. This system is much more than a debt elimination program. It has given us an opportunity to be educated in finances and because of that, put us in a better position to make decisions for our family’s future. Thank you to Jina Magarin and Alan Akina for your endless support. We are so thankful that we were also given the opportunity to become instructors and keep sharing this wonderful blessing to other families!"

-- Anthony Sabog and Hajel Lactaoen

After Just One Class We Knew this was for Us!

Kamai Family "My Husband and I were blessed to find out about 101 financial two years ago, but we weren't quite sure about it. Yes we were "those" potential new students. The one who need 101 so bad but like many other people we were skeptical or prideful we weren't ready. I knew it was something I wanted to learn about but I was so scared to admit how bad off we were. We were like so many families living paycheck to paycheck, or worse. We weren't making it. We would be late on one or two bills every month just so we could get by. We faced unemployment, cut hours at work. To top it off our family some how keep on growing.

After one year of knowing about 101 financial and not being students yet, I one day was at work and was thinking its time. We finally sat down with Jodee where she got us started on 99 financial. After just one class we knew this is for us! After one class we realized that we had stopped living. Talk about financial peace of mind! We saw our whole life differently! We realized we weren't even living our lives anymore. We were just working. We quickly graduated to 101 and took off from there!

So fast forward to today, it has been one year since we started 99 financial and about 10 months on 101. Since then we have accomplished so much. We paired off close to $20k of our debt, we bought a car without needing a car loan, and this summer we were able finally get married, 6 years and two kids later. We never dreamed we were going to able to afford a dream wedding and honeymoon, which we did!

We have been very successful but we realized how successful we were, until two weeks ago when my husbands car got in an accident. Luckily he and nobody was hurt, his car was just old and the hood blew open while driving. Because he has such an old car it was technically totaled. When I got the news from the mechanic I didn't even panic, I just ran our program to see what our options are. We are still catching up from the wedding and honeymoon so we couldn't just pay cash for a car, but I was confident enough to go to the bank and take out a small car loan. We quickly got another car even before we heard back from the insurance company. Had this had happened to us last year I don't know what we would have done. It would have probably ruined us! After this experience I realized, yeah we have paid off some debt, and yeah we had an amazing wedding, but what I realized is, that we have the knowledge to get us through these obstacles that life is going to throw our way! It was more satisfying of a feeling to walk into that bank and know they could help us. I wasn't afraid that I was going to get denied. If this has been only one year I can't wait until next year and even ten years from now!

I want to thank each and every one of you who is apart of the 101 financial ohana, I know that no matter what, I have you all to turn to for not only advice but for motivation."

-- Mannon and Doreen Kamai, Wailuku, Maui

Our Incredible Journey that gets More Exciting Each Day

Crowell Family "Aloha, my name is Malia. My husband and I began our 101 journey in April 2013. We had always thought that we were able to manage our finances comfortably, but still had outstanding student, personal, and car loans. Altogether, our debt totaled nearly $45,000. Like every young couple we dreamt of one day owning our own home, but knew that our debt would be standing in our way of saving for a down payment and being able to qualify for a home loan.

While helping his grandmother move one day my husband was casually introduced to the 101 Program by someone who would eventually become our 101 Instructor. We had never heard of the program, or even anything like it. But, being open-minded and thinking that we had nothing to lose and everything to gain we quickly learned more about the system.

Like many others we were a little skeptical of the program and were ashamed to admit that we thought it could be a scam. However, soon after seeing our instructor's excitement and success as well as the success of others close to us using the 101 System we thought, 'Hey, there could be more to this than we think.' It didn't take long for us to join the 101 family and begin our incredible journey that gets more exciting each day.

Using the 101 System we were able to make better-informed decisions about our finances and learned how to take some of our savings and use it effectively. We thought we were doing the "right thing," by saving money for our future home, yet we still had a substantial amount of debt. Since we began the program in April we have been able to use our savings along with the 101 System to eliminate all our debt except one car. And are currently projecting to eliminate our last car loan within the next six months to a year.

When we accomplish our goal, we will have eliminated $45,000 of debt within a year and half! We cannot be more excited and proud to be a part of the 101 family. We have gained the knowledge and confidence to move forward in our financial lives and are even more excited about the possibilities our future has to offer.

All that we have learned and continue to learn through 101 Financial has been invaluable to us. We recently welcomed our first son and were able to make the decision that I would stay home to raise him and still have financial peace of mind. We've learned that you don't have to compromise your way of life in order to gain financial success. We've gained so much more than words can describe and can't wait to share this with everyone! We are so grateful to have become a part of the 101 family and can now say we are well on our way to soon owning that dream home!"

-- Kekoa & Malia Crowell

I Really Found Out how Valuable the 101 System Is

Chong Family "We enrolled in the 101 Financial system back in 2006. We are a one income family and my wife stays home and homeschools our two daughters. We used to live paycheck to paycheck, just barely making it by.

By using the system we were able to pay down over $50,000 off our mortgage in the first two years. We then bought two rental properties and also added an addition to our home as well as a full PV system. We were also able to take vacations every year and have been to 5 states so far. Prior to that we would just visit the neighbor islands.

In the last year I really found out how valuable the 101 system is. My brother, sister and I have been taking care of my mom who is sick. I have been able to stay home from work for extended periods of time with no pay. I don't know what we would have done if it weren't for the 101 system.

Thanks Alan for all you do for the 101 Ohana."

-- Ryan & Sadie Chong, Oahu, HI.

This is your Golden Ticket

Kadooka Family "The thing about 101 Financial, it seems too good to be true when you hear, "I had $300,000 in debt and I paid it off with the help of 101!" fueling the skeptics in most people. I was definitely that skeptic, but I was also desperately in debt, avoided opening my bills and was ready to divorce my husband because it was so stressful not having a budget to live by. Tara Fukunaga never judged me, kept encouraging me and totally helped me and my husband by EDUCATING us on a much easier version of a budget. What relief!

Wanna know something else? You can fall off the bandwagon and Alan and his amazing angels swoop back in to lift you back up. When you lose sight of the shore, your 101 instructor will always help navigate you back on course, never giving up on you, never judging you and ALWAYS supporting you because they are the real deal. People who want to help people - that's what 101 is about.

Don't let the opportunity of a financial education to bring you financial freedom go ignored too long. This is your Golden Ticket... Fo' real kine!

Mahalo Tara Fukunaga for your support, patience and love."

-- Keala Kadooka

I have to be Honest - the System is Different

Anna Corpuz "I have been a 101 student since August of 2007. At that time I had already embarked on a personal mission to get out of debt. I had two jobs but over $25K in credit card debt and a car loan. It was embarrassing to admit. I thought I was doing everything right as an adult, but didn’t know how I got myself into such a predicament.

I know I didn’t want to get another loan, and was determined to do it myself. One day I saw Oprah Winfrey launch a Debt Diet program with financial gurus. It was doing wonders for people so I figured it could work for me. I went online and downloaded the paper work and dived right it. It had its own financial worksheet and I followed the instructions. No soon after did I hit a wall. It instructed me to start cutting back on my spending. You know what? I already did that.

Now what? I had questions and wanted options but I didn’t have Oprah’s power team on speed dial. So I got discouraged and never followed through and went back to being depressed.

Then my friend told me that her friend, Sharon Maeda, taught people how to get out of debt. My eyes lit up and I was excited to learn that there was someone in Hilo I could talk to about this. We finally met at Jack In A Box and in that two hours, let’s just say I saw the light at the end of the tunnel. She drew pictures on her pad that gave me a better understanding about debt and interest. It was also comforting to know that it was not all my fault. There was a lot I didn’t know about the banking system. I could not wait to get started and have continued to move forward in my life since that very day.

I have to be honest, the system is different. It took a lot of getting used to and I am so glad that I wasn’t alone. I had the help of Sharon to guide me along the way. I started paying off my debt immediately! After the first class I was able to make a $1200 payment to a credit card. I was floored! I was hesitant to make that payment because I didn’t fully understand how that was possible.

In the second, third and fourth month of doing the system I paid off three credit cards. I never had so much fun paying my bills! I even drew smileys on the memo lines and balloons on the envelopes every time I made my last payment. I was debt free in sixteen months. It’s funny because it took nine years to rack up the debt I accumulated. Along the process I became a changed person.

Prior to 101 I was VERY unhappy. Debt controlled me every day. I was stressed, depressed and angry. I woke up with these emotions in the morning, and went to bed feeling this way for a long time. 101 empowered me and I felt a great weight lifted off my shoulders. I now could move forward and concentrate on the next step, building wealth. Knowing what I learned I used the same tools and strategies to start saving for my first home and start a home business simultaneously.

However the most important thing I can say is how 101 has benefitted me today. Right now, times are hard. However, the system prepares you for life’s unanticipated events especially if they come one after another.

The last two years have been filled with events that could have drastically affected my financial well being. A major car repair, illness that kept me from working, downsized from my second job and the continuing rise in the cost of living would’ve put me at the mercy of a government program or my family. But because I have been living the 101 Financial way, I am doing just fine. It may seem grim at times, but simply applying the techniques and being smarter, causes me to be proactive instead of giving up. This is called living with financial peace of mind. If I didn’t have 101 in my life I do not know where I’d be."

-- Anna Corpuz, Hawaii

Swallowed our Pride and Reached out for Help

"Here we were on the brink of not knowing how we were going to pay our property tax and meet our mortgage payments. It was such a big stress for us because we did not want to lose our home.

One day an angel was sent to us. We were in our yard and she was mowing their lawn. After her task was done she walked over to share 101 Financial with us. After a few minutes, she invited us to a presentation that was taking place in a few days. We were in awe when she first shared with us and decided that we were going to take her up on the invite and did attend the presentation.

That night we went home and tossed the idea around about “financial peace of mind.” The question we kept asking ourselves is, “How? How could it be possible?” We called her with more questions and always received the answers that we needed to hear, not necessarily what we wanted to hear. We felt of her sincerity and knew that she was a God sent and was really reaching out to us. Till today, my husband will say that it was meant for us to be out in our yard because she was inspired to come over.

We decided that we were going to take that leap of faith and trust that she would be with us every step of the way. Two weeks later we were on our way to financial freedom. We managed to pay our property tax and catch up with our mortgage payments. We have since paid thousands of dollars in debt and count our blessings that 101 Financial have come into our lives.

I will say that one of my biggest fears was using a credit card again because many years prior to our marriage, I dug myself into a deep hole and struggled to meet my credit card payments. I know now that it was because I lacked the education, the knowledge and the value and proper use of a credit card. And now, we have been blessed with three wonderful years and often sit around the dinner table and give thanks for our angel and to 101 Financial for the education we have received. Our three beautiful teenaged children are also so grateful that we felt it important enough to swallow our pride and reach out for help. Thank you 101 for blessing our lives - our family is truly blessed."

-- Vince & Star Bell

We are on Fire

Kea Ohana "We first met in high school. When we went to college, we were not prepared for the financial needs that a college education required. We tried our best to support ourselves through working multiple jobs, scholarships, and tuition waivers. It wasn't easy being a neighbor island student because we had to find the means to pay for our education AND living expenses. Then the economy tanked.

Student loans were incredibly difficult to get and we relied on credit cards and the generosity of our family just to get by. We dreamed of having our wedding our way, but thought it was impossible because we couldn't justify the means to pay for it. So that dream was pushed back, year after year after year. When we returned home to Maui, we were so far in debt not only with student loans, but with credit cards, auto loans, and personal family loans. We struggled paycheck to paycheck, and we were very afraid of letting our family down as we sunk deeper into the hole each month. We knew something had to change.

When we were introduced to 101 Financial, we quickly regained the control and confidence we needed to start our new life together. We not only paid off some of our family loans, but took care of our credit card debt, auto loans, and now ended up in the positive at the end of each month. At this point, we were so relieved that we weren't paddling backwards. Since then, we have made giant leaps towards our financial and life goals. As of today, we have smashed an additional $130,000 in student loans. But the cool thing about this is that we haven't even hit our two year mark with 101 Financial, and we are ON FIRE!!!

After 14 years together, we are FINALLY planning to get married by next year and also have most of our debt completely paid off. We definitely look at our finances differently and are able to dream big, knowing that these dreams are NOT impossible. As a bonus, we have greatly improved our credit scores, strengthened our relationship, and are excited about our life together. We cannot thank 101 Financial enough, not just for the financial education but for teaching us about life."

-- Mona Umetsu & Travis Kea, Maui

A Support Team for your Journey

"This program has saved our lives. The biggest lesson I have learned is that this program is NOT a fix-all solution that solves all your problems by simply signing up! YOU have to put in the work. YOU have to be disciplined! YOU have to stick to your budget and be serious about it. If YOU don't do those things, YOU WILL DIG YOURSELF INTO A DEEPER DEBT!

The greatest thing about 101 is that you have the support team to help you along the way, to that place where you have the greatest gift of all - financial peace of mind!!"

-- Benevides Ohana, Hawaii

Planning on our Future - Together

Fatima and John "On August 16, 2011, John and I became students of the 99 Financial Program. Prior to meeting up with our instructor, John and I were already doing something similar to the 99 Program. However, our strategy was not pointing us to the right direction. We were still living paycheck-to-paycheck to pay all our debts.

I was once employed at a financial institution where I thought I had the knowledge on how to utilize the bank tools to be successful financially. However, I realized that I still needed help with managing both of our finances.

After reading some of the successful stories about the 101 Financial, we both decided to go forward and take the opportunity to be more knowledgeable in financial management and have total control of our future.

About six months after being on the 99 program, our credit score went from “poor” to “good,” and our savings grew quickly. After 8 months of being on 99, we were able to graduate to the 101 program in April 2012, where our debts began to shrink.

After being on the 101 program for only 3 months, John and I were able to pay off a total of $23,900 which included our tuition. There are a few sacrifices to make, but the knowledge and control you will learn from the program is well worth it. We are happy to say that from today, both John and I can start planning on our future together.

We are highly grateful for our instructor, Ana Magarin, and the founder of 101 Financial, Alan Akina, for paving the way to our new, better and brighter financial future."

-- Fatima Bayle and John Pico, Kahului, Maui, Since July 2012

101 Financial isn't about Money - It's about Amazing People

"My name is Doreen Tang. My fiancé, Mannon Kamai and I have two kids together. Our daughter Makena, age 4 and our son Kainoa, age 2. Mannon also has a daughter, my stepdaughter Madison, age 8. We both have very good jobs working at the Hyatt Regency Maui. Over the last 6 years together we have been through a lot together - starting a family, buying a condo, having hours cut hours at work, to losing my job for nine months. Over six years together we really saw our debt building up. We had a mortgage, I had student loans, we had a total of 4 credit cards almost all maxed out, a personal loan from consolidating our credit cards, which didn't work. Struggling financially had become a way of life for us.

In late 2011, Mannon and I had found out about 101 financial. Curious, we looked into becoming students. At first we were scared, and for many reasons. We thought that it was a scam, we were prideful and most of all we were ashamed of where we had gotten. Thinking we could continue on our own, we decided this might not be for us right now. Fast forward one year. We were a little better off than the previous year. However we were still struggling. It felt like every time we got ahead, we were taking ten steps back. I finally decided that we needed to do this. We got back with our instructor Jodee, and after the first class we knew this what we needed to be doing.

Since we started, we have eliminated 15k of our debt. This includes 3 credit cards, our personal loan which still had 2.5 years left and various bills that were lingering around.

We finally pay our bills on time, which was a big struggle for us. Better than all of that, we are able to dream again. We had gotten so stuck in our daily struggles that we didn't even realize we had stopped dreaming. Later on this year we are finally able to get married with the wedding we both have dreamed of. And next year we have big plans to buy a new house for our family!

With the 101 financial program it has allowed us to plan our lives instead of our lives planning for us. We do kick ourselves for not starting when we first had the opportunity. We think and wonder where would be today? But we knew at that time we weren't ready. Now we are ready and excited to see what the future hold!

We are so grateful to be a part of the wonderful 101 Ohana! I tell people that it is funny how 101 financial isn't really about money. It's about the amazing people who sincerely want to help you better your life; it's about bettering your relationships you have in your life and about opening your heart to dreaming again! We are truly blessed to have had the opportunity to join the 101 Ohana!"

-- Doreen Tang & Mannon Kamai, Maui, Hawaii

Given such an Amazing Gift

"Many years ago we were approached by a friend who was involved with another system "similar" to 101 Financial. Luckily we were skeptical and never got involved. Unfortunately, today that friend lost his house and that company no longer exists.

So when we were approached about 101 we did not want anything to do with it. But several years ago a very close friend of ours joined 101 and we could see how stress free she became of her finances and today her conventional mortgage is paid off. We thought to ourselves WOW this must really work! So last year we decided to join the 101 family and we are so much happier.

We still live our life how we want to but we're just smarter with the way we spend our money. We have paid off approximately $26,000 of our debt and we had the best Christmas ever. Not for the gifts that we were able to buy, but because we were given such an amazing gift of learning how to manage our money and make it work for us. On top of that, as an added bonus, our Christmas debt has already been paid off!

Thank you Alan for developing this system that really works and Ana for being a great friend and guiding us through this process."

-- Charlie and Cheryl, Maui, Since February 2013

Thankful to be Fed for a Lifetime

Delgado Family "Thankful and Happy. Those are the 2 words that first come to mind when thinking of 101 Financial. We have been using the system since the end of 2007 and could not be happier with what we have learned from 101. We were newlyweds and thought we had everything under control. I had accumulated some student loans and a little bit of credit card debt and I was also paying my car loan, nothing major. While preparing for the wedding, we also had to use a few of our credit cards. I was jumping around from 0% credit cards for a while and thought this would help me.

It took so much time and effort to keep track of these and I didn’t know it then, but it also affected our credit score negatively.

One day, my sister-in-law invited us to a 101 Financial presentation at a local Starbucks. After listening to the presentation .I was skeptical to say the least. “If this is so good, how come everyone is not using it?” I asked. Because we valued my sister-in-laws opinion and were really impressed with the way we were treated, we signed up.

During the first 6 months we were able to pay off about 27 thousand dollars of debt and have been continuing our road to being debt free. We learned how to use the tools that the bank offers, how to budget effectively and how to get the most out of the money we are making.

Another benefit that we got from using the 101 Financial system is that when our first child was born, my wife Lanie was able to stay home with him for more than 2 years!! Something that would not have been possible if we didn’t know how to budget and if we had not paid off that debt.

A lot of things have happened in our life’s in the last few years, many blessings and also many challenges, but we can honestly say that 101 Financial has always made our lives better, no doubt about it.

Another great privilege and blessing has been that since we have been on the system we have gotten to enjoy the privilege of helping others benefit from 101 Financial as Instructors. The saying “Give the man a fish, feed him for a day. Teach him how to fish, feed him for a lifetime” really takes on a whole different meaning for us now. Before we used to help our family and friends when they needed financial help by lending them money, now we have something better we can give them, financial education through 101 Financial. This education can help them and their families more than any “loan” we can give them!!

We are truly thankful and Happy!"

-- Gerardo and Lanie Delgado - Papaaloa, Big Island

Get on Board - It’s Well Worth the Journey!

Grady Family "Aloha, my name is Kamalei, my wife Chrystal and I have been on 101 since the beginning of August. We have been together for 5 years now and have 1 energetic little 3 year old. Before 101 we both had no clue on how to budget our finances and even more worse was drowning in consumer debt approx $30K to be exact. We were renting a place on the East side of Kauai for a couple years then decided to get married this past June. We thought we couldn’t afford the wedding with all our bills plus paying rent so we decided to move back with my parents on the North Shore so we could save some money.

Well fast forward we got married had a blast but we still had no clue what we were going to do about our debt. We knew we needed a plan, especially if we wanted to get out of our parents place a purchase a home of our own. We had a couple friends on 101 that were doing well and was talking with Chrystal about there success. Then Chrystal told me about it; I was hesitant at first because I heard about 101 before, but decided to give it a shot. We went to 101's website and filled out the financial analysis and were contacted the next day. After a few emails we met our instructor Auntie MariAnn and Uncle Sam.

We enrolled instantly on the 99 program and fast tracked our way and graduated out of 99 into 101 within 3 weeks. We already had good credit so that made the whole process faster for us. We now just had to learn how to bank the 101 way. We started the 101 program very motivated to get out of debt. We quickly learned what we needed to do from our excellent instructors and before we knew it we have paid all of our credit cards and a personal loan totaling approx 25k. By the beginning of December we will pay off the car and be debt free!

With 101 we are more confident than ever that our financial future will and forever be solid!! Mahalo to all of the people who make 101 financial what it is today. A Big Mahalo to Mr. Alan Akina and our Master Instructors Auntie MariAnn and Sam Sheldon for showing us the way. If you are thinking about doing this program, do it for your family do it for your future. I promise you will have success like we had."

-- Kamalei & Chrystal Grady

Excited to Share and Help other People Fulfill their Dreams

"In January 2009 a friend of ours posted on Facebook, if we wanted to be debt free and that she was having a 101 financial presentation at her home if we were interested we were invited to her home to listen to a presentation and there we were introduced to 101 financial. I had never heard of 101 Financial or knew anything about what I was getting into. We sat down and listened to what the program had to offer and decided that night to get on.

Within a week we heard back from the bank that we were approved. I was a bit scared not knowing what the future held for us, but I left it all in God's hands. We started 101 soon after & by the next month, Michael was let go from his full time job and we were then left with only 1 income. That was also the time that there were absolutely no jobs available on Maui, but still left it all in God's hands.

Michael was able to collect unemployment, but as we all knew that lasts only so long. While collecting unemployment, we still had 2 car payments and a mortgage to pay. I paid off our 2 cars and continued to pay our mortgage. It was a bit of a struggle, but I can honestly say that if it wasn't for 101, Michael & I would be house-less, homeless, divorced, and the list goes on.

In the late 2010 I was involved with the American Heart Association where there I met a wonderful person, Louise Auwae, we talked and within our conversation 101 Financial came about, I told her I was also on 101 but I was struggling a bit with it and not knowing who to turn to. I told Louise I was shame, and she replied "NO BE SHAME." She quickly introduced me to Rochelle Inouye who invited me to a 101 refresher. I was still shame when I went to the refresher, not knowing Rochelle, but I let my pride go and was relieved to know that there was hope and what Louise told me; "No Be Shame." She was really talking from the heart.

In August 2011, I took over my mom's business of 30 years so she could retire and enjoy her passion of raising her horses upcountry. It's been a busy year but I have a plan and that plan is to pay of my mortgage in the next 2 years.

This past July Michael and I were asked to become 101 instructors. I am excited to share and help other people fulfill their dreams of having financial piece of mind. I can't thank Alan, Rochelle and Earl enough for their time and dedication they have put into making our lives better and finding that Financial Peace of Mind in our lives, we are truly blessed to them and the rest of the 101 ohana in our lives."

-- Sharon and Michael Keahi, Wailuku, Maui

101 is Making a Profound Difference in our Financial Future

Miyamoto Family "After my initial 101 Financial orientation workshop, my first impression was, “this is too good to be true.” The presenter was very informative and taught us about the different types of debt and how the interest on your debt can take its toll on your bottom line. However, in the end it sounded to me like a lot of hype especially because nothing was revealed regarding exactly how to accomplish debt reduction.

Fast forward a few months later when I happened to meet someone who recently started 101 Financial and was able to pay down a huge chunk of his mortgage in just few months. This is when I started to think that maybe there is something to this after all.

On June 2009, my wife Joyce and I decided to “have faith and take the plunge.” Fortunately, Master Instructors Ana Magarin and Rochelle Inouye showed a lot of patience teaching old students like us the 101 Financial way. We learned that we did not have to produce more money or necessarily cut back on our expenses in order to get ahead and pay down debt. But when we learned that the small fee would result in us saving over $250,000 in mortgage interest, this decision was a “no-brainer.” We knew we made the right choice.

Even with two girls in college, we have been able to pay down our mortgage much more than we ever have, and were also able to purchase a Kula property that we normally would not even consider at a time like this.

I tell everyone that this simple, yet powerful system is something that everyone needs to know and learn. I also tell everyone that my only regret is that I did not start 101 Financial sooner. If I learned of this system years ago, we would be in an even better situation financially.

I would like to thank Ana Magarin for changing our lives. Starting from her advice years ago to invest in the 529 college savings plan for our girls, to the exciting world of 101 Financial, Ana has the desire and passion to help others get out of debt so there will be no financial stress.

Lastly, I am very excited for our investment potential in the future. I like the fact that after debt is paid off, 101Financial has the tools you need, mentors for one on one advice, and the higher education available to be able to position myself in a way that I can invest in entities I would not otherwise be able to do. Thank you Alan Akina for sharing your wisdom through 101Financial and for making a profound difference in our financial future."

-- Dr. Michael and Joyce Miyamoto – Kahului, Maui

My Life is Even Sweeter not being in that Whirlpool of Debt

Melissa "I was invited more than five years ago to come to a Financial 101 presentation, but my pride kept getting in the way. I always thought that I didn't need anyone telling me how to pay my bills since I was such an expert at it anyway. Even with the multitude of different creditors I had, I could tell you how much I owed, what the minimum payment was & when it was due. Sadly, that was the extent of my knowledge that had me in a whirlpool of debt that I couldn't get out of for many, many years.

As I was drowning in my sea of debt not seeing a way out, I asked God for help. I promised that I would follow if He led the way. He sent help via a phone call out of the blue from Rochelle [my instructor] inviting me to a presentation. I went without reservation knowing that I couldn't be in a worse place than where I was.

During the presentation I started to see the light that they were shining and a way to guide me out of my mess. I immediately signed up after the meeting. I started their program in June and owed eleven creditors. It's now September and I'm down to three!

When they initially did my financial forecast, if I continued the conventional way I was doing things, I would pay of my debts in about 15-20 years. Being on the 101 Financial plan, they estimated about 16 months.

Seeing the success of being on their program for only three months and what it has done so far, my life has changed dramatically. I can now breathe easier, and actually have goals that I know now are actually attainable. My life is even sweeter not being in that whirlpool of debt. The knowledge gained through 101 Financial is priceless. Thank you Rochelle & 101 Financial!"

-- Melissa, from Maui, Hawaii, Since June 2012
Family Life

No Longer Stressed and Weighed Down by our Financial Burdens

"Prior to being on 101 financial, my wife & I were living pay check to pay check. My anxiety level was so high I was waking up in the middle of the night worried about how I was going to pay our bills. At one point we had to choose which bill we were going to pay on time, and which bill was going to be late. We had almost $50,000 in debt, 3 children (4th was on her way), rent, utilities, groceries, etc., (you get the picture) and we were doing it all on one income. Life was hard.

My sister-in-law told us about 101 financial and said, "You guys need to be on this system." Of course we were skeptical, and we said "no, were alright, everything is going to be alright, don't worry about us!" She wouldn't have it, and told us, "I'm having an in home presentation, you guys better be there!"

Boy, were we lucky we listened because our lives changed overnight. The education we learned and the tools we gained through 101 financial have been amazing. We cannot stress how much 101 financial has changed our lives. The system has truly brought us "financial peace of mind."

We no longer are living pay check to pay check. We are able to pay ALL of our bills on time; and after being on the system for only 8 months; we eliminated over $30,000 of debt.

My wife and I are so thankful and feel extremely thankful to Alan Akina, but also my sister-in-law and her husband. If it wasn't for her introducing 101 financial to us, we wouldn't be in the position we are today. Our family is happier and closer than we've ever been because we are no longer stressed and weighed down by our financial burdens. We set goals for our future and our children's future and are confident about reaching them because we have 101 financial. Thanks 101 financial!"

-- The Manning Ohana, Kaneohe, HI

Helping Families Gain Financial Peace of Mind Is the Most Amazing Feeling

"I joined the 101 Financial Ohana in January 2009. With about $30k of consumer debt, I didn't consider myself necessarily struggling but I certainly felt like I was fighting a losing battle. Loans and credit card debt, refinancing, making new debt, refinancing again... that endless cycle many of us get caught up in and can't seem to get out of. I was absolutely sick and tired of living paycheck to paycheck and felt like I wasn't making any progress, didn't think I would ever get ahead. I was never able to save any money.

A fellow bible study sister invited me to attend a 101 Financial workshop. I was skeptical but I agreed to go. Prior to attending the workshop, I did all of my research about 101 Financial but I couldn't find anything negative. I instead found all of the testimonies shared by happy families. I made up my mind at that very moment that this was something I not only really wanted, but needed to do. In four months, I had paid off 3 credit cards totaling close to $15,000 of debt by utilizing the innovative banking strategies that I learned from my personal instructors.

It had always been a dream of ours to take our kids on a vacation to Disneyland. For years we kept putting it off because we never could save up enough money to do so. We decided that it didn't make sense to make a big loan just to take a vacation. At the beginning of the year before I became a 101 Financial student, we had given up on our dream vacation. We also had a vacant land loan, expecting four more years before we could pay it off. We paid off that loan 4 months after starting the system. Because we had less debt and no longer had that loan hanging over us, that summer our dream became a reality and we were able to take our family vacation to California for 3 weeks. Disneyland, Legoland, Universal studios, Sea World!

In July 2009 I had the honor of joining the 101 Financial Ohana as an instructor. I now had the opportunity to share with others what I was taught. To give my own students the same hope which I felt when I first became a student. For me, the best part of being an instructor is re-living the excitement over again with our students. Knowing that you've helped a family gain "financial peace of mind" is the most amazing feeling. No other job would give me so much joy. 101 Financial has been a blessing in my family's life, and I can only hope to "pay it forward" and share this priceless knowledge with others."

-- Sherry Revilla, 101 Financial Student & Instructor, Hawaii

The Education 101 has Given Us has been Life Changing

Borrero Family "Our 101 Financial journey started back in 2007, when I was invited by a friend to attend a meeting. Little did I know that my friend was already involved with 101 and had already taken care of a substantial amount of debt. That night I left the meeting very impressed with what I learned and really felt an opportunity to change our current financial situation, which was at the time, $45,000.00 worth of consumer debt.

Unfortunately, we began to procrastinate and did nothing for three years, until one day my wife got an invite from some dear friends of ours to see a 101 meeting held at a hotel. My wife got excited. There was one problem, our debt total was now $54,000.00 with a negative cash flow. Our instructors immediately got us going on the 99 Financial Program and soon after, we went right into the 101 Program.

Conventionally, our debt would have taken us 10 years to pay off. With the 101 System, we have a 12 month plan and we are currently 6 months away from becoming debt free. We had the opportunity to sit with the President of 101-Alan Akina, to share our progress on the system. He asked that we call him in 12 months when we're debt free. Our goal is to beat the 12 months and call him in 10 instead!

Recently, I attended a 101 Refresher class and shared this with those there. Throughout my years as a football coach, we were able to win many championships. However, I continued to seek the advice of others in the field to learn of ways to constantly grow & improve. It is like that with the 101 System. Going to refresher classes & striving to learn more from our instructors will allow us to do the best with our 101 System. Like the game of football, you need to show up for practices, learn from your coaches & implement what you learn in order to play the best game.

We thank God for bringing our dear friends Sam & Marianne Sheldon into our lives. We are truly thankful for their guidance, love and patience with us.

The education 101 has given us has been life changing. We will continue to move ahead to reach our goal of financial freedom. Thank you 101 Financial for changing our lives!"

-- Derek & Michele Borrero, Lihue, Kaua'i

Couldn't Have Done It Without 101!

Dione Mederios "I became a 101 Financial Student in January 2011. I was inspired by my twin sister Nicole, and her many accomplishments in such a short period of time that is was then that I asked her how she was doing it.

She told me that she was on a 101 Financial Program and that I needed to attend a presentation with Rachel and Tara, and so I did. I was so amazed with the presentation that I signed up that night. Being on the 101 program has taught me how to bank smarter and organize my finances. In less than 6 months I paid off a whopping $8000 in credit card debt. Without this 101 program I would have not been able to this.

On July 2011 I became a Financial Instructor. Thank you Sis, Rachel, Tara, Haka, Corey & Alan for being such a 101'derful team and being there for me every step of the way.

In this new journey in my life I'm excited and motivated to share and help others to have Financial Peace of Mind too and I hope that I can own my very own beautiful home too.

I'm Learning it, I'm Living it & I Love it."

-- Dione Mederios, Hawaii

This is the Real Deal

Bertelmann Ohana "We have been on the 101 Financial system since October 2010. At the time, we had no credit and struggled with the fact that we had to pay a tuition. Because of a persistent mom, she literally forced us to experience this journey with 101 Financial.

Reluctantly, we took her advice and quickly learned that there are tools out there that we were not aware of that helped us to be where we are today. Through 101 Financial, in 1 year we were able to pay our tuition, wedding expenses, and pay off our car totaling $30,000. We were also able to obtain a high credit score. This is unheard of but it is so real.

Our next goal is to purchase a home and we are confident that if we stay on track, this dream will become a reality. With our second baby on the way, it is comforting to know that we will be able to provide for our children and won't have to struggle in life.

Thank you Alan for the education that you have made available to us. All we can say to our family and friends, this is the real deal!"

-- Kamakana & Jaeleen Bertelmann, Kamuela, Hawaii

Blessed by Helping Others

"My Husband and I started the 101 system June of 2009. Through the education we got from 101 financial, it taught us to better budget our finances without changing our lifestyle. We had about $18k in consumer debt, 2 cars and a credit card with a low 600 credit score. Our projected time was 12-15 months and we were able to be debt free in 7 months with a credit score at 783 and still rising.

In 2010 we accomplished a lot being debt free. In May we saved $10k in our savings account. In July we bought a car in cash. In September we got married, became Senior Instructors with 101 Financial, and went to Disneyland and Las Vegas.

In July 2011, we had a baby girl. Last month we became Master Instructors. At the moment, were hoping to close on our first home in December.

But the biggest accomplishment, as being Instructors, is being able to help other families experience financial peace of mind. We helped 12 students get titles to their cars, 4 students purchase their first homes, 2 students avoid foreclosure on their home, had 5 students in Disneyland and 2 students in Disney-world all in the same month. We've noticed a lot of our students taking numerous vacations this year and being able to be a part of their accomplishments is truly a blessing!"

-- Jurvi and Gimnah Garana, Kailua Kona, HI, Since June 2009

From Unemployed to Homeowner in 8 Months with 101

Brad & Keahi "On July 27, 2008 Brad and I became clients of 101 Financial. I must say that this was one of the best decisions that we have ever made in our lives. Prior to becoming a client, we had accumulated $46,199.00 in debt through various loans, credit cards and lines of credit just to name a few and had really nothing to show for it.

Brad and I both had jobs but just couldn't seem to get ahead. We made our payments but there was never really anything left over from our paychecks to save for the future or plan any vacations that we would want to take. It was so disappointing to think that we could not plan to take our kids to Disneyland or go on a family vacation without worrying about the cost that it would take to get there. The reality was that it was just out of our reach. It was depressing to even think about the future when all we had was what little we had left over to get us barely through to our next paychecks.

It was at this time that I started praying for help. In my prayers I asked God for direction, knowing that this wasn't supposed to be all that there was for our lives. Our whole mindset was about wanting to help others and being a blessing to others so I asked God, if we are supposed to be a blessing to others and help those in need how could we when we are just getting by ourselves? About a week later a friend gave me information about 101 and told me to contact her niece who was an instructor. We did. And the rest as they say is history.

Since being on the 101 system, we have managed to pay down some of our debt. Then in 2009 Brad was laid off from his job in construction due to the downturn of the economy. He was unemployed for one year. Without 101 we would not have been able to make it. Going from a construction worker's salary every week to five hundred every two weeks was rough because our bills and payments remained the same. However we were able to maintain and survive due to the 101 system.

On January 3, 2011 with the coming of the New Year things turned around. Brad was hired at Kingsland at HGVC but what is truly unbelievable is that only eight months after being laid off for a year we have completely paid off all of our debt and were able to purchase our first home in Waikoloa to be closer to our jobs and church. We spent the first night in our new home on 08/27/11, Brad's 38th birthday. The mortgage broker was absolutely amazed at how we could go from unemployment to purchasing a home in eight months. I thank God for 101 Financial."

-- Brad & Keahi, Waikoloa HI, Since July 2008
First time home buyers

It's Awesome to be able to Dream Again

Toleafoa Family Our journey with 101 started in August of 2010. We had watched a webinar and were so excited, but still had questions about those 3 little letters DCI. We texted Alan and he suggested that if we wanted to learn more we should attend an in home workshop that was happening in Kailua the very next evening. There was no hesitation we were going to be at that in home. The next day I gathered all of our bills and we made the 45 minute drive to Kailua to Uncle Merl & Aunty Darrylnn's home.

As we sat through the presentation I was so emotional I could not hold back the tears. After the presentation we told Alan that we were ready to start and that very night we filled out our analysis. We were introduced to our Master Instructors Uncle Merl and Aunty Darrylnn. Jay admits he was hesitant to let others see our debt, but when he saw the results of our analysis it was a relief because now he could see where everything was going, it was clear. On our drive home we were so thankful and knew that this was the answer we needed for our family.

We started on the 99 Financial system and I'll admit that we were bummed that we could not start on the 101 system, but what a blessing this system is, so simple and basic. Uncle Merl and Aunty Darrylnn made the drive out to Kahuku several times to support and coach us on the 99 system. Being on the 99 system we learned how to budget better and we began to tidy up our financial house. As we began to clean house we saw our credit scores start to go higher and we learned a lot. We began inviting our family and friends to our in home workshops. After being on the 99 Financial system for a little while we were given the opportunity to become Referring Instructors.

We kept on plugging away and at the end of April 2011 we were able to get onto the 101 system. After getting on the 101 system we did a new analysis and it showed we could pay off all of our debt in 10 years, it had come down from 14 years when we got on the 99 system only 8 months earlier. Being on the 101 system opened our eyes even more. Ever since being on the 99 and 101 systems we have been able to work better as a financial team. 101 Financial encourages us to work together in our finances and because of that we are clear, focused, and united.

We have been fortunate to be able to share this with our community. It is exciting to share this with others and see them see it. We have been able to see 101 bless our friends and their families. As Training Instructors with the guidance of our Master Instructors we are building a great 101 team here in Kahuku.

A couple of things Jay likes to share at in home workshops are these;
1. There is no need to be SHAME, get your ego/macho out of the way, don't let it hold you back.
2. And something he heard from Alan in a workshop is this, "If you don't know where your starting then you will never know where you're going."

Some of you may remember my husband say that when we got onto the 99 and 101 systems that it felt like he was on his honeymoon again. It's because when you first get married or have children you have all these hopes and dreams for your life. It's awesome to be able to dream again and know that those dreams can become our reality because of the 101 education. We know not only will our lives be blessed, but our children lives as well."

-- Jay & Melissa Toleafoa , Kahuku, HI

They Don't Teach us About Finances in School

"I admit - I Walked into this thinking there was no way anyone could help us. And I blamed myself for the situation my family is in financially. But I was open to hearing about 101 Financial.

I met my Instructor Roberta and she was very nice and positive. She shared about 101 Financial and went over my finances, and told me we could begin with the 99 Financial system. So I came home and talked to my family about what we will be doing. The positive thing was that my teenage son responded with openness and willingness.

It has been about 5 months now and we continue to learn accountability, budgeting, shopping and working together. We have seen money going towards savings and were able to replace our washing machine in an emergency.

We have just begun the 101 Financial system and will start to pay down our debts. We are and will always be so grateful and thankful to 101 Financial for saving us and guiding us. THANK YOU!"

-- Lynn and Eugene Manzano, Hilo, HI, Since April, 2011
Family Life

More Time to Spend with the Keiki

"Jen & I have worked long and hard at staying afloat. So hard, that we have given ourselves little to no time to at all to enjoy life. Enjoying life means spending time with each other and watching the keiki's growing up.

Now that we have been on the 101 Financial system, we don't stress about making the month to month bills. I don't have to get a part-time job to make ends meet. Our current income with the 101 Financial system has given Jen & I more time to ourselves and time to spend with the keiki's. Thanks 101!"

-- Soberano Ohana

Enjoying the Success in my Students

Kaaihili Family "I became a 101 training instructor in October 2010 and certified instructor in March 2011. Like everything in life, taking the first step to do something out of our comfort zone is always a scary place to be. So when I decided that I wanted to be able to help others who are suffering like Lyle and I once did prior to being on the system, I started talking to those close to me... not about the system, but just general conversation. Then as I kept hearing the struggles over and over in our conversations I finally took the first step to sharing - our true story of success with the i101 System. Without realizing how much I live "101" I didn't know that I had already paved the way with our previous conversations, so they were wanting the same joy that Lyle and I were talking about.

Then after sharing with a few people who were close to us, I built up confidence to speak to people who were parents of the children in my daycare. I felt like I was still sharing with someone who I knew, but was not close to me. Then with that success, I built up more confidence to share even more.

I've been trying to work very closely with my current students so that they build a confidence to know that we stick by our word in saying that we do walk with each student every step of the way. I'm learning as I go and most of all finding a way to push through every thought of fear. "

-- Kahealani and Lyle Kaaihili, Certified Instructor, Waikoloa, HI

So Powerful it takes my Breath Away

"Before getting involved we had a dim view of our financial future. The only way we knew of settling our debts was to sell the only asset we have, our home and property. I thought, "I can never retire." I believed I would be working until going to my grave.

Mahalo nui Jocelyn and Rochelle who have been so patient with us, hanging in, helping us to learn how to help ourselves. We are slow learners. Thanks for your expertise, encouragement, and your confidence, because we did what you told us to do and wow, it is so powerful it takes my breath away. "

-- Chico and `Aulani Kaho`ohanohano, Hawaii

Because Some Things Money Can't Buy

"One night I was sitting down at Zippy's with Alan, I asked Alan when did it happen? Alan asked what? I told Alan "I'm an angry guy!" "When did it happen? Alan looked at me puzzled but with a smile as he laughed and moved his utensils, saying "What?"

Yah the brain washing, because I don't remember it happening. Alan laughs "what are you talking about?" with his cool lean back.

When I first went to see a presentation at the Neal Blaisdell center January 2010, I said to myself, "nobody can be this happy; they must be on something."

Next time I went to a presentation was right before Instructor University at the Hilton a little over a year ago. Oh no another set of Happy Weirdo's, only thing they are from another island. So I asked Alan again, when did it happen? Without letting him answer, I said "I remember myself as the angry guy driving thru traffic even having a bent steering wheel from hitting it so much, not caring about others, heck even knocking out a co-worker and sending him to the emergency room just for not starting on time". I was the guy with stress and the person thinking, the more money you make, the more life gets easier?

This is how I saw and accepted myself as a person. I told myself back then, you not going find me acting happy like those people. But look at me now. I think I'm one of those Happy Weirdo's. That's not me.

So I went home and thought about it, why am I this way now? I already knew the answer before I even asked Alan. When did it happen? The answer is in this timeline, my patient Wife of almost 9 years, the birth of our two children, sixteen months of 101 FINANCIAL and 1 year of Church.

Thank you 101 Financial"

-- Lori & Wes Chun, Hawaii

Just an Awesome Experience

Drew Santos & Kaimana Domingo Ohana "My partner and I had just refinanced our house in December 2010 thinking that we would be saving money. In the short term, yes, but after closing costs, our new mortgage was exactly the same amount as when we had first bought our house 2 years prior. We also had a car loan and a credit card that was weighing on our shoulders. Within 2 month of starting the program, we paid off our car, paid off our credit card, and put a dent into our mortgage. Total, we paid off over $12,000!!

I think the numbers speak for themselves!! BELIEVE in the system...it really works. We have only been on 101 for 4 months and we are extremely excited with our results and look forward to what the future looks like! Alan Abara first introduced us to the system and Jeannette has guided us through every step.

The service is outstanding... so genuine about helping us succeed. That feels good!"

-- Drew Santos & Kaimana Domingo, Honolulu, HI, Since February, 2011
First-Time Home Buyers, Family Life, Real Estate Investors

101 has Given us the Tools to Take Charge of our Finances

"My name is Manny Devera and my wife is Jamie and together we began 101 financial in August 2010. We had about $71,000 in consumer debt and student loans when we started. We're projected to pay off our debt in 2 years and 5 months. In the first month we paid off our credit cards and are currently on track to pay off my student loans in May, which is a little over $18,000 in 10 months. Our primary goal for ourselves was to pay off all our debt and to hopefully purchase our first home. 101 has given us the tools to take charge of our finances. With the 101 way, we now have the opportunity to purchase our first home, which was sooner than we thought.

Through our 101 journey we have been guided by our instructors, Kim and Daniel Preza. Without their support, dedication, and encouragement this all wouldn't be possible. Thanks Auntie Kim, Uncle Danny and 101 financial for giving us hope for a brighter and debt free future!!! "

-- Manny & Jamie Devera, Hawaii, Since August 2010

Moving Forward with 101 Financial

Kimlynn & Daniel Preza "Our success story starts off three years ago this June, 2011.We were first introduced to the 101 Financial Educational Program in 2008 by my sister, Melodee Lingaton. After hearing what she had to say, we sat on this for a whole year.

Meanwhile, my sister introduced and shared with my two children (son and daughter), who considered and started the program soon after they qualified. During this time, Danny was preparing to retire within a year. Within this year, we started to renovate our home, which we moved back to at Sunset Beach. We were actually living here for five years after selling our prior home in Mililani. We thought we'd take the profits and use it to upgrade our Sunset house. Upon doing so, we found that we were tapping into our savings quite often and started to deplete our savings (not knowing how to use our own home equity value.)

A year later, my sister (who never gave up on us) once again approached us and reintroduced to us the 101 system. After knowing our children were on the program and not hearing them say anything bad about it, without hesitation we joined in the program. We then placed our renovations on hold for awhile to focus on what 101 was going to do for us.

Just weeks after doing so, we saw what the program was able to do for us! Amazingly we were able to accomplish more than what we expected. We were able to pay off the balance of our mortgage and my truck within a couple of months. Soon after we were able to continue our home projects and much more! We also took the time to travel too!

We are now almost done with our home renovations and we are just starting to build a deck/porch to top off our home! For the new Instructors, for whatever you want and have been accomplishing, 101 can take of you infinitely with your future plans. Keep on track, trust, follow and obey the system. Keep planting the seeds of 101.

We are always excited and are continuously sharing. With God at our side and 101 in our life, we can only move forward for whatever else is in store for us!"

-- Kimlynn & Daniel Preza, Sunset Beach, Oahu

101 Financial Works for Us

Ernell-Keoni Family "Eighteen months ago my husband and I got married. Together we were paying seven credit cards that just did not seem to be going away. I heard about 101 Financial from a co-worker who had wonderful results with her own financial concerns.

Cautiously Keoni and I attended a meeting with Punan and Kauhane (our instructors), which convinced us to go ahead and give it a try. Six months and 8K later we are down to one credit card payment, our finances are organized and better managed and we have less stress in our life. The real value has been the financial education we've gained. 101 Financial works for us!"

-- Ernel & Keoni Goo, Kailua Kona, Hawaii, Since October 2010
Just Married

Building a Legacy for Our Children

Atamian Family "In early March, I visited my Aunty Boots and Uncle Sam Sheldon on Kaua'i and was in awe of their amazing custom-built home. (Meticulous detail and grand as can be). I really had no idea how or when they were able to afford something like this. I just couldn't imagine owning such a home.

This is not to sound boastful, but rather to make you understand where I'm going with my story and how I stumbled upon 101 Financial. This house alone led me to inquire more about how?? I went to dinner with my sister and cousin and basically told Aunty and Uncle "don't go to sleep, we need to talk about this." (Meaning talk about the how and when) Mind you it was late, by the time I got home it was around 11pm and they waited.

When I reached home I started asking questions. Prior to this, in 2009 Aunty Boots briefly approached me about 101 and at that time, I was on a similar type of program using the accelerated system to pay down our mortgage that we had then. We sold our home in December 2009, but still had a car loan and one credit card debt.

Since we no longer had a mortgage we thought we had no use for the system so we stopped. On top of that we had no one keeping us accountable and making sure we were on the right track with our plans to buy a home. So in March when my husband and I met with Aunty Boots and Uncle Sam, they looked at our finances and basically said "by next week, your car and credit card will be paid off". That's upwards of about $13,000 in debt soon to be eliminated.

My husband and I were super excited and felt so overwhelmed with hope that we would be able to save more every month. Then we talked about our financial blue print. This is what the 101 Financial system resembles to us, our "financial blue print".

In just 4 days we were able to pay off both our debts, yes 4 days from the day we became 101 students. To date, we've even been able to put $9000 in our savings account.

It's an amazing system and our master instructors really make all the difference. It's a clear step by step program that educates you to take control of your finances. We want to build a legacy that we can pass down to our children and what a better way to start. In today's economy, nothing is guaranteed, but when you get educated the 101 way, it's guaranteed to be life changing for you and your family. Get educated, get connected, and get moving. We'll see you on the ride up!"

God Bless,

-- The Atamian 'Ohana (Taz, Jory, Logan, & Harlowe) from Kauai

One of the Best Moves I Have Made

Matt McGivern "Signing up with 101 Financial was one of the best moves I have made in a long time. I truly feel that there is no better way to pay off debt faster than by using this system. I searched for a solid plan to reduce my debt for many years before a couple friends told me about Tara and 101 Financial. In just four months, I paid off $14,000 worth of debt without changing my normal spending habits. I can honestly say that this would not have been possible by following the "traditional" way of paying off debt. If you are serious about getting out of debt as fast as possible, 101 Financial will give you plenty of one-on-one support and help craft a debt repayment plan that is custom made for you."

-- Matt McGivern

Our Family is our Most Valuable Asset

"In January 2008 we acquired a $500K mortgage. In June 2008 I suddenly and unexpectedly lost my job of 28 years! Devastated described our emotions. Stressfully living paycheck to paycheck described our financial health.

In April 2010 we contemplate selling our home in Kane`ohe and we prepare to give up on our plans to build our retirement home on Moloka'i. Sadness described our emotions. Signs of a massive heart attack described our financial health.

In July 2010 we choose to be educated the 101 Financial Way. Update... April 2011... happiness and peace of mind describes our emotions. No stress and confident describes our financial health, all because we don't need to sell our Kane'ohe home and we began construction on our retirement home on Moloka'i in February.

My husband and I agree that our family is our most valuable asset. We further agree that we will do everything necessary to bring the gifts of Financial Peace of Mind and a Debt Free life to the nine children, 21 grand-children, and 5 great-grandchildren that we share. We pledge to bring 101 Financial into each of their lives. We are far from being debt free, but we know we will get there with the 101 Financial way of banking, and we know we will achieve this without stress!"

-- Uluwehi Sai, Kane'ohe, Hi, since July, 2010

A Skeptic Warms Up

Black-Santiago Family "We were introduced to 101 Financial by a co-worker of mine that knew the financial hardship we were going through living paycheck to paycheck. After 3-months of convincing my husband to listen to a presentation, we scheduled an appointment and met with Tara Fukunaga and Hakamai Delaries.

My husband, being the skeptic that he is, was not very friendly and inviting as Tara did her presentation, which made me feel very uncomfortable. However, after an hour and many questions, he started to warm up and actually wanted to hear more on how it worked.

After Tara and Haka left that evening, we completed our financial analysis and prayed for the best. We met with Tara and Haka the next week and were presented our results from the analysis. We were told that banking the conventional way (like we all do....oops! "did") we were on track to be debt free in 28 years 8 months. However, by following the 101 way, we could be debt free in 5 years 4 month.....dah! We went one step further and set a personal goal for ourselves to be debt free in 2-3 years.

It's been 6 months and we are glad to say that we paid off $52,000.00 in debt and looks like our goal will be achieved."

-- Patrick, Rachel, and Elizabeth Black-Santiago, Kailua-Kona

Thank you 101 Financial!

Galan Family "We are Dwayne & Berna Galan from Las Vegas, NV. With the 101 financial plan, we are able to pay off our debt of over $200,000 of consumer debt in 6 years and 7 months. Like all of you we had credit cards and personal loans on top of a mortgage payment. Within the first 3 months we paid off $12,000 of our debt.

We love to have fun, have a nice dinner out once and awhile or just enjoy some of our hobbies. Being on the 101 system not only did we not change our life style but we gained the peace of mind that we don't need to live paycheck-to-paycheck.

Our goal since buying our first home was to invest in real estate and start a college fund for our children. Not only is that possible, but we can do it a lot sooner then we could ever imagine."

-- Dwayne & Berna Galan, Las Vegas, NV.

Only Wish We Would Have Started Sooner

"After starting on the 101 system only 11 months ago, we've been able to pay off nearly $24,000 in student loan debt through accelerated and regular payments using the tools provided by the system. The incredible results and continued support we've experienced have far surpassed anything expected or projected. We truly feel blessed to be given this opportunity to attain "financial piece of mind" and only wish we would have listened and started on the system sooner."

-- Jordan and Jamie Mooring, Puyallup, WA, Since April 2010
Family Life

We Not Only Will Succeed But We Will Surpass Our Goals!

Abara Family "I see myself as a smart person, one who, when it comes to finances has her "ducks in a row." So when our instructor, Jeannette Abara, had attempted for numerous years to introduce us to a 101 seminar, I was convinced that I could do it myself and that we didn't need 101.

We had $44,000 in credit card debt due to the combination of an unexpected move and our oldest daughter getting ill. In addition, we had a $15,000 car loan and a first and second mortgage. I kept telling Alan that I DON'T WANT to go, we DON'T NEED to go, I ALREADY HAVE a plan!

In August of 2009, Alan went on a trip to Kauai (without me) and attended a seminar with Jeannette. He came home and told me that we HAD to go together. I refused - again - so he secretly set it up where she would come to our house to do a 1 on 1 presentation for me.

On August 27, 2009 we signed up with 101 Financial. It has been a year and 5 months since starting 101 and we have paid off our credit card debt of $44,000, our $15,000 car loan, and $15,000 of our 2nd mortgage for a total of $74,000! We even took a family trip to Disneyland, paid the 101 tuition, and were able to buy our family Christmas gifts.

All I can say now is ... Why didn't I listen earlier? Our plan for 2011 is to pay off our second mortgage and to extend our house. With 101 Financial, I know we not only will succeed but we will surpass our goals!"

-- Carianne Abara

It Was Like a Light Bulb Went off in My Head

"As Gene and I were starting our new life together, we had accumulated combined debt through credit cards, student/auto loans and mortgages. We needed guidance in learning how to make banks and credit cards work for us-not the reverse. We also needed help learning how to plan for our financial future as a couple, and how to set goals that are attainable for our retirement.

Ryan [our instructor] came in to our lives through mutual day jobs with my husband Gene. Ryan talked to us a little about the program and after Gene and I discussed it, we decided to join. Ryan came in and taught us how to utilize credit cards more accurately, as well as take advantage of extended due dates that credit cards allow. Once we were on track we learned how to track purchases, watch our spending more closely and start to pay down our debt. In the beginning we paid down our credit card debt and saw potential for total debt elimination. We ran into a few stalls during the holidays, but have rebounded and are on track to finish paying off our cards by June 2011. Ryan has been with us the entire way, helping and guiding us through our mistakes and teaching us how to really focus on ending our debt.

We have paid off three credit cards completely. (One more to go!) Approximately $9300 ... chee hoo! We have learned how to make the bank/credit cards work for us-not against us. We have learned how to treat our finances as a business instead of a hassle. We have learned to forecast our future, with goals in place, to a debt-free life."

-- Sheri and Gene Kaniaupio, Kapolei HI, Since October 2010
Just Married, First-Time Home Buyers, Real Estate Investors

Enjoying the Relief and Peace of Mind of Financial Freedom

 Family "My name is Ed Simeona and my wife Jackie and I have 6 children and 2 grandchildren. Jackie grew up in her parents' Hawaiian Homes (DHHL) home in Papakolea, and we have raised our children in the new DHHL Kalawahine Streamside subdivision since May of 2000.

Like most young Hawaiian families, first of all we needed both of our incomes to qualify for the loan to purchase our DHHL property back in 2000. Also, if it wasn't for an OHA program in conjunction with FHB which gave us the ability to qualify for a second mortgage for the down payment, and the fact that Jackie's parents gave us a substantial amount to provide assurances that we could afford the chosen unit, we may not be talking about this right now. Also like most young Hawaiian families we struggled with the debt of our new home, car loans, credit cards and daily living expenses of raising 6 children i.e. food, clothing, school, sports, utilities etc.

The burden began to get lighter when the older children started to move out on their own beginning in 2006 however we were still living paycheck to paycheck these past few years in our new DHHL home. Enter 101 Financial in August of 2010! In a chance meeting with our eventual instructor/mentors Merl and Darrylnn Ferreira, my wife and I were fortunate to have been exposed to the 101 Financial system. We were given in-home and one-on-one instruction and began using the ideas, tools, and system of 101 Financial in November of 2010.

I am happy to say that now in January of 2011 we have paid off (3) credit card balances, a personal $1700 loan for dental work, have already paid half of a 5 yr personal loan only begun in August 2010, and will pay off the second mortgage from FHB by the end of 2011. Together my wife and are ecstatic of what we have accomplished thus far and are looking forward to seeing the rest of our debt melt away in the next few years. More exciting than that is the prospect of being able to share this system and help our children secure a better future for themselves, and to help other young Hawaiian families enjoy the relief and peace of mind of financial freedom that we found through 101 Financial. The next step for the Simeona's is to become instructor/mentors ourselves and get out and spread the word to as many families as we possibly can.

This 101 Financial system is a God send to the Simeona's to that there is no doubt. Blessings and Aloha."

-- Edward K. Simeona, Oahu, Since August 2010

Goal Accomplished!

Tyson Ah Puck "We paid off our debt. We finally did it after fifteen months of budgeting and hard work, we paid $47,000 towards our debt, our truck being the last. Thank you so much! God bless you and here's to a prosperous new year!"

-- Jordanah & Tyson Ah Puck

Achieve Amazing Financial Goals Once Thought Unattainable

"Like many new 101 clients, I was scared and excited to be on [the 101 system] but I knew that being on the system would lead me to a brighter future. Starting off, I was able to pay off some personal loans and was immediately debt free! Soon after, I fell into a limbo state where my old habits of conventional banking took over and I wasn't using the 101 system to its fullest potential. It was my old habit of conventional banking that took over the newly formed 101 habit. Because old habits have a way of dying hard, my limbo state lasted for about three years, until a dear friend and coworker who is a 101 instructor, sincerely asked how I was doing on it.

I was a little embarrassed but I confessed that I wasn't even using it anymore. She kindly understood what happened and she was also kind enough to offer some time to look at my current financial state and offered to help me get back to using the system. This intervention from my "101 angel" happened back in August.

Since then, I was able to pay off my $4000 personal loan AND put a starter amount of $8000 in a savings fund that I will use for a down payment on a home in the near future. Taking the time to sit with her allowed me to reset my thinking the 101-way and opened my eyes as to what I could accomplish financially in a short amount of time! It blew my mind that in just 3 short months I was able to set aside money a chunk of money in my savings and pay off a loan! Sitting down with her that day opened my mind and heart as to how powerful the 101 system can be for anyone who is willing to learn it and apply it to their lives!

The tools that 101 has really help the client project and see their future and help them see what they can actually accomplish! She helped me project that I could save $25,000 or even more if I wanted to, in one short year to put into my down payment savings fund! I know that wouldn't be even close to possible doing it the conventional way!

101 financial is truly and sincerely genuine in their mission to help people in achieving their financial goals. I personally know this because I am a recipient of the caring guidance and knowledge that they graciously share with their clients. Today, I am so happy that I'm part of the 101 family so much so that I want to share my happiness and pass it on to others. Feeling this way prompted me to become a 101 instructor. Having the ability to share this valuable knowledge is important to me because of the impact I know it can have on the people I share it with. My plan as an instructor is to share it with my family and friends and pass it on to anyone who is open to wanting and building a bright financial future.

Being a part of the 101 Ohana has changed my life! It has brought me a sense of security and peace of mind that is priceless! Having the 101 knowledge has empowered me to become someone who has the confidence and ability to achieve amazing financial goals that I once thought was unattainable. Thank you Alan Akina, Jay and Corrine Murata and thank you to the rest of the 101 Ohana!"

-- Edie Arrocena, Kauai, Since February 2007

With 101 there's One Less Thing to Worry About in Life

Mokuahi-Villanueva Family "Being in debt from a young age made it seem like we had all the time in the world to it pay off. But over the years more and more bills got added, [as we continue to] purchase new things. Before we could get total grasp of it, we were sitting here talking about how by now we wanted to be in a home of our own, but couldn't because of all the debt we had created together. We knew there was a better way to get rid of our debt and get our life together started.

Talking with a friend about 101, how she has been on it for a few months and paid off X amount of debt, she made it sound too good to be true. She said 'go to the website, check out the testimonials and do the free financial analysis. Trust me it works'.

Let me tell you it took us a couple of days to get up the courage and do this. After this big step, the rest is history. We have paid off over $10,000.00 dollars of debt in 7 months and are now focusing on getting rid of our car bills. Crossing off our debt and the feeling of the weight lift off our shoulders, is un-describable.

Working with 101, we have seen amazing results in our debt going down. Knowing that one day we will be homeowners, and not have to worry about [debt, gives us] financial peace of mind. It's one less thing to worry about in life."

-- Danori Mokuahi and Chris Villanueva, Waikoloa, Hawaii, Since March 2010
Getting Started In Life

With 101 it's Forward Progress

"After joining 101 Financial, we were able to capitalize on making better more effective banking decisions. The program has helped us eliminate around $15,000.00 in debt within the first 10 months. If we took a more aggressive approach towards the debt, we could have doubled that amount. Our lifestyle hasn't changed and we are now even more aware where our cash is going. And this enables us to do more, or less, depending the situation.

Like most people we had a plan to conquer debt. Save a little, pay a little, and spend a little. What happens is the rotation get's un-balanced, and you're back where you started. With 101, its forward progress.

When I got back my two credit card statements that read $0.00 balance, just that feeling your debt is just rapidly decreasing faster than imagined, is awesome."

-- Rey Palacol, Marysville, WA, Since February 2010
Family Life

Excited to Develop our Financial Independence - the 101 Financial Way

"My husband and I were introduced to 101 Financial by Tara Fukunaga, who became our personal instructor. I had lost my job due to the economic slowdown and welcomed the opportunity for good advice.

With Tara's careful evaluation of our financial analysis, and patience in educating us with a new banking process, our monthly expenses were reduced from $3,922 to $2,188 a month. In the process, within 6 months, we have paid off 8 of 14 credit cards, some of which carried 29% interest rates, reducing our total debt by more than half.

We are not only grateful for the education we have received through 101 Financial, but we are excited and hopeful for what is to come: debt free and better use of our finances for a more prosperous future than we could have imagined. We do not hesitate to recommend 101 Financial to our family and friends and encourage them strongly to have Tara give them a presentation. We continue to work with Tara and are excited to develop our financial independence the 101 Financial way."

-- Natividad Whitlock, Kailua-Kona, Hawaii, since March 2010
Family Life / Business Owner

101 Saves You a Ton of Time & Money

"When I first heard of 101, I wouldn't even go to a presentation. We had been involved in some MLM companies in the past and I was convinced it was something along those lines. After seeing a few of my friends having success with 101, I was eager to give it a shot - 4 years later.

Before 101 financial, I would miss payments because I would procrastinate and forget to make them. Now I don't have anything to worry about because it's like my bills take care of themselves. It's no longer a chore. I wish I had signed up when I first heard about the program years ago.

I knew that I had paid off a lot of debt, but I didn't have the exact figure. Rummaging through some old paperwork I came across a worksheet that had all my credit cards and their balances listed. I added it all together and it came out to $41,082. All [paid off] in less than 1 1/2 years.

During the past year we took our first family vacation, including 6 children, which was an Alaskan Cruise. Mel bought the boat he always wanted and he took a diving trip to Molokai. I went on trips to Maui and Molokai, and Vegas twice. We even have money in savings. Best of all we no longer feel like we live paycheck to paycheck.

I would recommend 101 Financial to everyone because it makes paying bills so much easier. It also saves you a ton of time, money and headache."

-- Mel and Jamie Esteron, Mililani, HI, Since May 2009
Family Life

The 101 Financial Ohana is Always There for Us

Urata Family "Our beautiful baby girl Cienna Lee was born February 27, 2009. Like most couples we were overjoyed with the birth of our first child, actually we were extremely ecstatic. Until we got news that our debit card was compromised (two charges were made, originating in the mainland somewhere) and our checking account was frozen due to a faulty atm. In other words the ATM didn't dispense the money requested but the receipt showed it did. Believe me; no one can make up a story like this.

With rent and other bills due and no access to money, our stress level was out of this world. We were so happy to have such a wonderful blessing of a healthy and happy baby girl, but how can we take care of her with all this financial drama. Then to get home and try to call all our creditors to make arrangements since we had no money for at least 10 business days.

Fast forward 2 and a half months; I needed to decide whether I would return to work or be a stay at home mother. Well, financially I needed to return to work, emotionally I needed to stay home with my new daughter, personally I thought to myself how can I better provide for my daughter. The answer to my question was find an affordable sitter, return to work and do something about cleaning up our finances and get it done fast. We found a reasonable and reliable sitter. I returned to work, yet still the struggles continued after all they don't magically disappear.

My aunt introduced 101 Financial to us and the timing couldn't have been more perfect. We signed up immediately and couldn't wait to get started. We've been on the system for 1 year now. With 12 financial obligations total to pay we've now paid off 7 of them, at the same time not ignoring the other 5; we've been making accelerated payments. We were given a timeline of 18 months to be completely debt free and we're on our way to seeing to that, if not sooner.

Our goal is to buy a house. Utilizing the i101 system, buying a house is more of a reality than ever. Since we've been on the system we haven't lived paycheck to paycheck, that alone is amazing to not only say but to live it. We absolutely love it! We've been able to pay more towards our bills than we ever thought possible, our lives are less stressed because we aren't arguing anymore about money or lack thereof.

101 Financial healed our relationship and made us stronger than ever, it allowed us to focus more on what's important, our daughter and enjoying life. Thank you, Alan Akina, for sharing this wonderful idea with Hawaii. Thank you, Jaslyn Adric, for being such a wonderful instructor and providing us with such great support. Thank you, 101 Financial `Ohana for always being there for us!"

-- Uluwehi & Desmond Urata, Makakilo, Hawaii, Since September 2009
Family Life

A Program that I Could Trust and that Would Change My Life

Keala Ortiz "I had been struggling with my debt for many years. Paying slightly above the minimum each month, but getting nowhere. The projected time to pay off all of my debt, to include a mortgage, would take me over 40 years. I finally told myself that I needed to do something about my debt-I owe this to myself. After starting the 101 program, I paid over $10,000.00 of my debt in the first three months! I am so grateful for my 101 team and I cannot stop thinking about how I will be debt free very soon. I have many dreams and aspirations that will soon come true. Kulia i ka Nu'u.

101 Financial has helped me to efficiently and effectively manage my money. 101 Financial has taught me how to organize and plan out my financial future.

I experienced dramatic changes with my finances from the start of the 101 Financial program. Within my first 3 months I have had quick and positive changes to my debt. Not only is 101 alleviating the burdens of my finances, 101 has taken away a lot of financial stress that I am able to tackle other goals and dreams in my life.

Before starting 101 Financial, I did my due diligence and researched and compared many different companies to help with my financial situation. After hearing about 101 from a family member and sitting down the first time with my 101 Financial Instructor, I knew that this was the program that I could trust and that could change my life."

-- Keala Ortiz, Las Vegas, Nevada, Since May 2010
Getting Started In Life / First-Time Home Buyer

It's Real, It Works and it's Changed My Life

Kimberly "Aloha. My name is Kimberly and I have been on the 101 system since January 4, 2010. I was very skeptical at first and in fact, had turned down a really good and long time friend when I first heard of the system. The amount that I had to pay to join really deterred my interest, I'm glad I went through with it after all.

First of all, it's real, it works and it has changed my life positively for the following reasons; it has allowed us to pay off debt that my husband had incurred previous to our marriage, it has changed my conventional way of banking and thinking, and I now know how to make our dreams for our future come true, with the 101 system.

Since starting the system, we have paid off in full my husband's Harley Davidson motorcycle, plus bought him a 2008 Honda Motorcycle; paid off a beautiful three and a half carat diamond ring; paid off over 14,000 in old debt through Kauai Credit Adjusters that my husband incurred before our marriage (It allowed me to be free of a resentment that I carried about his large debts previous to our marriage-101 has also allowed us to heal from old debts and mistakes made prior to our marriage.) And most of all, it has given us a hope that we too, will own a home soon. We are actively living the 101 system and will continue to do so until we can reach the stars - and we will. Thank you 101."

-- Kimberly, Lihue, Kauai, Since January 2010

What a Blessing from Above to Have 101 Financial in My Life

Cabanting Family "I was introduced to 101 Financial by a good family friend Michael "Sluggo" Felicilda & his wife Pua. When they first contacted me about this opportunity, I had second thoughts. Can I really be debt free and own my first house soon? It all sounded too good to pass up on.

I attended a seminar in April 2009 at the Maui Beach Hotel and brought along my soon to be husband Gregory White for some support. We both sat in the seminar really amazed at just the introduction of 101 Financial and what they have to offer. It felt a little more comfortable having more local Hawaiian people there.

Having to be a single mother for the past 8 years, I have built up a lot of debt in making daily living expenses for the both of us. Working day after day and living paycheck-to-paycheck like many others out there I felt very overwhelm in paying off my debt. Trying to reach the goal of owning my own home and paying off bills and loans seemed like a stress in life when receiving my paycheck.

Having good instructors like Michael "Sluggo" Felicilda, Pua, and their motivated team have given me a lot in my life when receiving a paycheck now. Starting with a debt of about $23,000.00, working part time, attending school at Maui College and my single parent life was a shock of my life. Within a time period of 15 months, I have a debt of $9,000.00 left to pay off with a part time work of income.

All the knowledge and financial skills that I have learned from 101 Financial will soon lead us in purchasing our first home, getting married and welcoming our blessing bundle of joy into our lives in October 2010. What a blessing from above to have 101 Financial in my life. THANK YOU!"

-- Sanoe Cabanting, Makawao, Hawaii, Since May 2009

Feeling Positive About the Future & Prepared for New Challenges with 101

Tanigawa Family "In April of 2009, I was getting by on my retirement pay but the rising cost of living started to make me think more and more about the future. Like a lot of homeowners, my wife Karen and I had refinanced our home 3 times over the past 27 years. We had another 7 1/2 years to pay on our latest mortgage and I was just tired of it already. When we heard about 101 Financial, we decided to check it out by attending two in-home seminars at Darrylnn and Merl Ferreira's home in Kailua. After the second one we decided to take that leap of faith and signed up to become clients. During the past 15 months, we have paid off significant amounts to the principal of the mortgage which I never would have thought possible before. In doing so, we feel a lot less stress on our finances and we will soon be moving onto the next phase of wealth building thanks to Alan Akina and the 101 Financial strategies.

Working with the 101 Financial system has helped us organize our finances better and pay off our debt in a much more efficient way. After receiving your services, we feel a lot more positive about the future and prepared for new challenges."

-- Denis and Karen Tanigawa, Kaneohe, Hawaii, Since April 2009
Retired Living

Looking Forward to Purchasing our First Home & Getting Married

"We are Kala'i and Jolene. We were introduced to 101 financial by our friends Jurvi and Gimnah. After seeing the presentation, we were excited to get started. We have been a part of 101 financial since October of 2009. We started with a total of $35,000 in consumer debt. On our first day we paid off a $3,000 credit card and paid off a $10,000 car loan 2 months later.

In May of 2010 we became debt free. Prior to 101 we both received a cut back in hours. Even with the cut hours we were able pay off all of our debt. We no longer stress about paying the bills and now have a better understanding of where our money is going.

We could not have done any of this without the help of 101 financial. We now have financial peace of mind and are looking forward to purchasing our first home and getting married. Thank you 101 Financial!"

-- Kala'i and Jolene
Getting Started In Life

101 is Just Looking Out for You

Kevin's Family "I first heard about the 101 Financial Program through Erynn Helenihi. I wrote to her asking 'what was that 101 thing?' She explained what they do and how they help clients with Debt. At first I thought this was another MLM scheme. Then later Doug Cobile spoke to me about it too. From there I thought okay, if two of my friends talked to me about the same program this gotta be for real! Doug and Erynn were friends from high school and I trust them. I asked to attend the online webinar which I found to be cool! After attending the webinar, I spoke with my wife and she put her trust in me since I thought it would work. I sent a text to Erynn that same night and told her to Enroll me. That has got to be one of the smartest decisions I have made within our household.

My instructors have been there with me from the time I started until now. I paid off my wife's credit card about $3000 at the first class that I had. We are now paying my car note which is about $7000 and should pay it off by the end of this year (2010). 101 Financial has really made us knowledgeable about our finances.

Anyone who is skeptical about this program should remember that in Hawaii we look out for one another; that's just how we were raised. And what Alan Akina is doing is just what he was taught when he was raised. Whether you are from Hawaii or not, 101 is just looking out for you."

-- Kevin, Las Vegas, NV, Since March, 2010
Family Life

Not Having to Worry So Much about the Money Side of Life

"With favor from above and through great people, I was able obtain all the banking tools needed to start the program while being unemployed. Now, with no income coming in, I'm still able to chunk away some funds into savings to start my goal of buying my first house.

I really like the one-on-one attention we get. I appreciate the time and effort my instructor makes to help me whenever I have questions or just to show me her support for me and my dreams. I would recommend 101 Financial to friends and family to help them be financially secure and be able to reach their dreams without having to worry so much about the money side of life.

I feel very enlightened and fortunate to get involved with the program. I hope to pass this information on to family and friends who will be just as excited to join the program. Thanks 101!"

-- Landon Castellano - Aiea, HI - Started June 2010
Getting Started In Life

A Solution for Life Financially

"We didn't have very much debt, but it was significant debt. Heather had a student loan balance of $10,000 and that will be paid off in a month or so. We also have a mortgage and just the other day we paid off our mortgage...a balance of $183,000!! As a stay at home mommy, we constantly contemplated whether or not we would be comfortable financially. With the Lord and 101, that burden is lifted from us and we're excited for the future!"

-- Michael and Heather Castellano - Mililani, HI - Since March, 2010
First-Time Home Buyer

Looking Forward to Retiring Sooner

"The first time I heard about 101 Financial was at my sister's home in October of 2007. My nieces Roberta and Erynn brought along their corporate trainer Earl Inouye and gave my sisters, my mom and I a presentation. I filled out my Free financial analysis, and was told I could pay off my debts in about 18 months by following the 101 Financial system versus the 5 years it would take me to do it conventionally. Because I had been fairly smart with my money up until this point, and didn't have much debt at the time, I decided to try it on my own.

Fast forward 18 months, and I was still on the conventional track. In the meantime I heard about 101 Financial from a few other people. Two of my sisters had decided to give the system a try and were doing great and had gone on to become Instructors themselves, so I decided it was time to take a second look.

In April of 2009, I became a client and with just about $30k in debt, was given an estimated payoff time of 16 months. I was able to become completely debt free within 11months. I had paid off the remainder of my mortgage in less than a year! I was able to do this even with the unexpected expenses of my daughter deciding to attend UHH at Manoa, instead of home here in Hilo.

Since paying off our debts, we have been focusing on building our savings and I am looking forward to retiring a lot sooner than I had originally thought possible. Our lives are forever changed for the better because of 101 Financial and the education of the i101 System!"

-- Val and Kido Galacgac - Hilo, HI - Since April, 2009

101's Caring and Sharing is the True Spirit of Aloha

"Seven months ago we accepted the fact that we would be 80 years old by the time we paid up our mortgage. We figured we would be on a fixed income when we retire and that was it. We would retire, pay our mortgage, surf, grow our garden and downscale on the fine things in life. We thought we should travel now while we are working cause when we retire we would not be able to afford it. That fact has now turned into fiction and now we can do more that we could ever imagine. Finances was never my forte I could never balance a check book. Now, I don't have to worry about balancing that check book anymore!

Prior to 101 Financial, I was totally disorganized. It took me a whole month to complete the initial analysis. I never paid attention to finance charges or interest rates. I spent many evenings writing checks, licking envelopes and applying stamps. After working with 101 Financial, I have become organized. I know exactly how much I have in my checking account. I spend less time writing checks and using stamps. I feel an empowerment that helps me to feel extremely happy, smarter, wise and well-balanced.

We were and still am totally ecstatic to have paid off that mortgage debt in a shorter time period that projected in the analysis. The acceleration is a celebration! It is truly an answer to financial prayer.

I would definitely recommend 101 Financial to our friends, families, and co-workers. We have been telling may people what 101 Financial has done for us because we want them to feel the freedom and happiness we feel. We want them to feel empowered and to know there is more to life when learning how to tackle your debts. We want them to have that financial peace of mind.

We are grateful for the 101 Financial people who have come into our life. You folks are genuine. Your caring and sharing is the true spirit of aloha. I mua!"

-- Jeannine & John Holi - Waipahu, HI - Since January 2010

Retirement Made Possible by 101 Financial

"My husband and I started with 101 Financial on Feb. 9th 2010. The information we received from our instructors on day one was invaluable. We were both fascinated to discover that financial freedom was not only for the wealthy elite, but only a few steps away for the average middle class. Week one on the system, we paid off our $3200.00 balance on our car loan, along with a $2600.00 credit card balance. We then continued to make accelerated payments toward our mortgage. Then, on April 9th, 2010--8 weeks after joining 101 Financial, we paid off the mortgage on our first home.

On March 25th, 2008 we purchased our 2nd home located right next door with a deal that can only be described in a Disney Storybook. The home owner sealed the deal via a promissory note @ 6% interest per annum, with no money down and no payments for 60 months. We fixed up the home for under $10,000 and are currently renting it out. Our dilemma was figuring out how we were going to come up with the entire purchase price for the balloon payment that is due in 5 yrs. The 101 Financial System is the icing on the cake. With 101, we feel confident that the storybook fantasy of owning a 2nd home will become a reality in 2013.

The financial security that we gained from 101 Financial opened the door for Pedro to file for and finalize his retirement on June 1st 2010. Retirement was something that we believed was financially impossible; but 101 Financial made it a reality."

-- Cindy & Pedro Duterte - Lihue, Hi - Since February 2010
Retired Living

Our Journey for a Better Future

Tabbada Family "I was first introduced to 101 Financial by Lucy Delaries about 2 years ago. I had questions as to how this would benefit my family. Was this a safe thing to do? Is this for real? Then, I attended one of the seminars but yet wasn't quite ready to go on this financial adventure. I thought to myself, "I'm comfortable where I'm at".

Then one night, I was feeling a little uncertain about our financial comfort. So, I decided to fill out the evaluation and see where it goes from there. The next task was getting my husband involved and to agree on this new endeavor. Finally, after numerous attempts, I got my husband to hear about 101 financial in the comfort of our home. Our financial inspiration literally came knocking at our door.

We began our journey in March 2010. We have since eliminated over $12k in debt in less than a month! Wow! We could not have done it on our own. Thank you Aunty Lucy for not giving up on us! Shena and James mahalo for the answers to our questions and allowing us to understand the concept. Thank you 101 Financial! It took us a while to take that step, but now that journey is taking us where we want to be DEBT FREE!"

-- Davy & Lily Tabbada, Kailua-Kona, HI, April 2010

Unrivaled, Unmatched and Unbeatable

Moses and Virginia Timbal "We are Moses and Virginia Timbal and live in Hana, Maui Hawaii.

We have been self employed and in business for about 28 years. At the present time we own a 10 acre tropical flower farm and do retail sales. Among other things, we also have a souvenir shop, and own house rentals in Hana and condo rentals in Houston, Texas.

In April of 2010 we will have been in 101 Financial for 4 years. By applying the strategies and knowledge that we learned from 101 Financial, in the first year, we were totally debt free and bought our first condominium. In the following three years we were able to buy 4 more condos in Houston and build another house here in Hana.

The 101 Financial System is unrivaled, unmatched and unbeatable. The support that the company offers to its clients is a good reason Virginia and I have moved ahead so quickly these past four years and we believe that 2010 will be our best year yet."

-- Moses and Virginia Timbal, Hana, Maui Hawaii, January 2010
Successful Business

Unleash Limitless Opportunities

Shiroma Family "We couldn't ask for a more opportune time in our lives to be introduced to the 101 Financial Program. I had just experienced a major restructuring effort in my career which left me unemployed, and my husband, Jerry, was still in the start up phase of owning his own construction company.

Although we both earned generous incomes, we struggled, like many other young families, with the fact that our savings each year was minimal, and it seemed as though we would never get ahead. We worked long hours in an effort to pay for our comfortable lifestyle, and worried about the affect this was having on our three year old son, and whether we were giving him the amount of attention he really needed.

The 101 Financial Program assisted us greatly in meeting (4) major milestones in our life that we sometimes questioned if they could ever be attainable...

  1. Financial Freedom
  2. Occupational Stability
  3. Quality Time with Our Family
  4. A Clearer Vision of our Aspired Future.

101 helped us change our thinking of traditional financing. Before learning of the 101 program, we contemplated various concepts which would possibly help us to eliminate our debt. We spoke with nonprofit agencies who work to lower your annual interest rates for credit card bills, we researched different debt consolidation companies who solidify monthly payments and close off your accounts in 5-7 years, and even went as far as considering a personal loan from our parents to try and pay off as much debt as possible.

Although each of them gave promising claims to assist with a particular area of our problems, none of them could offer us a complete and concise system that would efficiently lower our monthly expenses in a timely manner. We decided to wait for something better to come along and on April 4, 2009 it did!

Within the first week of participating in 101 we paid off $15,000 dollars of our debt. We've eliminated 61% of payments that affected our monthly cash flow, and structured our monthly budget which will guarantee us to be debt free by 2010!

In addition to the amazing numeric results we've experienced, the 101 way of life has afforded me the luxury of thoughtfully looking for a new career that I can be passionate about without the pressure of needing to supply a paycheck every week. It's allowed my husband more opportunities to develop and sustain relationships with his clients, and provide Qualitative Product, over Quantitative Results.

Most importantly, we spend less time paying bills, and more time paying attention to each other, less time on Outlook, and more time outdoors, less time worrying about the future, and more time anticipating all it beholds.

We know how important a "Name" is here in Hawaii, and that once it becomes tarnished, it's very hard to regain trust from those in the community, and still we whole heartedly wish to share this program with our closest family members and friends with the assured faith that what 101 Financial has to offer can greatly benefit all families from all walks of life.

Albert Einstein said "To raise new possibilities, to regard old problems from a new angle, requires creative imagination and marks real advancement." 101 will allow you to find new prospective on traditionalism, and unleash limitless opportunities for you to grow.

O wau iho no
(With True Sincerity)"

-- Brianne & Jerry Shiroma, December 2009

We're In!

John and Donna Edmonds "Let's see, where do I begin...well, about nine months ago, we were in credit card debt of over $11k. Thanks to 101 financial, not only did we get rid of those debts, on December 1st, 2009 we purchased our first home. We could not have done all of this without the help of 101 financial.

Mahalo to my instructor's (and family) Michael & Melodee Lingaton for all their help, guidance and support. Thanks to 101 Financial, We're Homeowners!"

-- John and Donna Edmonds, December 2009

Looking Forward to the Future

"We joined 101 Financial in May after hearing really good things about it from our close friends. We adopted 4 boys which set us back financially (no regrets). We found ourselves in debt and living paycheck to paycheck. Since being on the system we have paid $9,000 towards our debt and are on our way to becoming debt free. My Instructor (Rochelle) works closely with us and has been there to support us every step of the way. Our goal is to buy our first home and to be able to pay it off as quickly as we can. This system has brought us closer as a couple and has blessed our family in so many ways. We look forward to the future and all that it offers!"

-- Maile Corpuz, Maui, December 2009

Doing Well with 101

Shayna Asuncion "I was first introduced to 101 Financial in November 2008 by James & Shena Couture. After attending a seminar and seeing a presentation, I was ready to begin and be closer to eliminating my debt. But I wasn't able to get on the 101 system. At this point in time I felt ashamed, discouraged and didn't want to go further.

The following year in March 2009 I had lost my job with Hawaii Superferry. Struggling and fighting to find a job, I felt strapped from living from paycheck to paycheck. While visiting James & Shena in May 2009, I decided to give it another try. I finally was able to get on with 101 Financial.

Prior to 101 Financial, I had $7,000.00 in consumer debt. I was able to pay it all off within the first 45 days of being on the system, while being on unemployment. It's definitely given me a financial peace of mind."

-- Shayna Asuncion, December 2009

Off to Find a Starter Home

Christian Agsalog and Jodee Inouye "The greatest thing that 101 Financial and the i101 system has offered both Christian and I is Hope. It gave us hope that one day we would be able to remain here in Maui, Hawai'i, settle down, and have a stable life not only for ourselves but for our future family as well.

Christian and I have been living the i101 system for about 2 years now and it has helped us tremendously set ourselves up for financial independence from our parents. When we first became clients, Christian and I were the typical college students. I had about $40,000 in deferred student loans and we had no mature debt that we were paying on. Don't be mistaken, 101 Financial is not only for people who have debt. It is for everyone who wants to get into a better place financially and Christian and I realized that. We saw the true value of educating ourselves before we acquire large and cumbersome debts. It has shown us that there is a better and more efficient way to do our finances. Most especially, 101 Financial has encouraged us to shoot for the stars and has shown us that our goals and dreams are attainable. We just need to strategize and create a path to reach it.

Today, Christian and I are definitely on the right path to reaching our goals of financially independence and well as financial stability. We both have excellent credit scores in the high 700s and 800s. We strategically paid off all of my unsubsidized student loans and only have about $11,000 in subsidized loans to go. This past year, Christian and I were presented with an opportunity and were able to purchase outright a piece of vacant land on the Big Island. We were also able to qualify for a new car loan without the help of mom and dad less than a month ago. Amazingly with all the education and preparing that we did, today Christian and I have already paid off a third of our car loan and have estimated that we should be finished with both our car and student loans in about 6-8 months. Once those are out of the way, we will be off to find a starter home. We love the i101 system and are forever grateful that someone took the time to share this banking system with us. Thank you 101 Financial!"

-- Christian Agsalog and Jodee Inouye, Maui, December 2009

No More Worries about the Finances

Jennifer Edsman "In April '09, my long time friend and co-worker, Ana Magarin invited me to attend a 101 Financial seminar. I was already at the end of my rope and I knew that I could trust my friend to help me get out of debt. I am a single parent with 2 children. I got very minimal child support from the father of my children and was living paycheck to paycheck. I was in a very unhappy relationship. It was very stressful for me thinking of how I was going to pay my bills and support my children. I was also experiencing different kinds of health problems. When I finally did my free financial analysis, I knew that I had to get some help because it was really bad. I had a high credit card balance and multiple personal loans.

I finally got all the necessary paperwork to get the process started and I hit a roadblock. I did not qualify for the 101 Financial System but I was able to get on another program which was 99 Financial. Ana and Rochelle had to teach me the basic fundamentals of financing. Within two months of being on 99 Financial I was able to increase my credit score and started cleaning up my bad credit history. I got organized and set goals for myself which I thought I could never achieve. So after 2 months, I was able to get into the 101 Financial System. Through the education and support that Ana and Rochelle gave me, I was able to overcome these financial obstacles and became more confident in dealing with my finances.

Because I got educated about my finances by my personal instructors, I got the courage to be able to move to Oahu, get a new job (with less pay), and start a new life with my children. I also found someone who loves my children and I. All of this had happened within 4 months of being on the system. I was able to pay off a total of $15,000 since I started and I am working to pay off my credit card and auto loan. I should be debt free within 12-18 months. Also, I look forward to owning my own house sometime in the near future. No more worries about the finances. I am stress free and very happy. I am very glad to be on the system. The 101 instructors are very supportive and are always there when I need them. Trust me...it really works. Thank you so much..."

-- Jennifer Edsman, December 2009

We Can't Wait to See What Else is in Our Path

"I've heard about 101 Financial before but I never thought of looking into it until my cousin's wife Ana Magarin emailed me an invitation to a 101 Financial seminar. Only then I knew that it was a sign for us to check it out because we needed to do something about our finances. We have been on the 99 program for 6 months now and it has built our relationship "financially" stronger. It made us realize how important our finances are. James had made a big change, saving at least $100/wk by just bringing home lunch! He realized how this has changed part of his lifestyle and feels great about it! As for me, I can say 99 financial helped me bring my credit score up...over 100 points! We're so excited to be part of the "101" family. We are looking forward to being on 101 Financial. We can't wait to see what else is in our paths, to someday, reach our dreams and goals, and have that peace of mind!"

-- Grace Bulosan and James Shin, Kihei, Maui, December 2009

We Were So Excited to See Our Bills Melt Away

 Family "In January 2009 my wife informed me that our good friends Bootsie and Sam Sheldon invited us to see a presentation of some financial information or program. I was not interested in being a part of some multi- level marketing scheme, and told my wife "no way". One day before our scheduled meeting I went online to see what the 101 Financial website was all about. I was very surprised to see that in six years they have not had one complaint from the BBB.

The 28th of January our meeting date arrived, and I was still hesitant about attending but went any way. We arrived at Jay and Corrine Murata's home and noticed other people arriving too. When Sam and Bootsie arrived I remembered asking Sam to come out to the porch, and I asked him what is this meeting about because we were not interested in any type of Sales pitch, i.e., MLM, or having to go out to get people to join anything. Sam told me "I have known you folks for a long time, if I was getting you guys involved with some scheme or MLM, how would I be able to look you folks in the eyes ever again". That was good enough for me.

Being the cynic that I am I admit as we sat through the presentation given by Corey Dobashi , with my arms crossed still skeptical, I somewhat started to understand the theory of what he was saying but couldn't conceive how it could work. We agreed to take the next step and submitted our entire financial status for analysis. Our instructors laid the program out and explained the changes we would make and the amount of bills we would pay off each month if we followed the program as it was designed. It seemed great but very unrealistic, and we thought "OKAY" and decided to go along with this and give it a shot.

As instructed by Sam and Bootsie we applied the program to our lifestyle all the way. And in our first month we actually surpassed the numbers that were forecasted from our analysis for our initial monthly obtainable result; $12,000 was the projected amount to have paid off: actual result- $16,500. We could not believe it! By March 28, 09 we were able to pay off $28,000.00 of our debts with little to no effect on our way or quality of life.

101 Financial, we believe was God's plan for us "divine intervention" right before the storm would hit us. Two days after we wrote the last check for our last bill my wife was diagnosed with Cancer; Stage 4 Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma. My wife stopped working, and entered into a 6-cycle rigorous course of monthly Chemotherapy at Queen's Hospital for the next five and a half months. Over the years we've tried to be good stewards of our finances and even doubled our monthly payments but were never able to get out of debt. If we hadn't been invited to this 101 Financial presentation by our loving friends Sam and Bootsie, we don't know how we would have survived. As we look back there was no way we would have made it financially on one income going through this cancer journey.

Today September '09 my wife is cancer free!!! And recovering . We are still working on becoming mortgage free. More importantly, through this whole ordeal of the "cancer journey" of flying to Oahu every 21 days for my wife's chemotherapy, our way life and our quality of life has not changed. Enthusiastically, we love sharing this amazing program with other families and we tell them about this remarkable financial tool, a breakthrough miracle for us. We were so excited to see our bills just "melt down" that we got our children involved. Now they are all part of the 101Financial family as well. Our daughter Tashanna and her family in Hilo on the Big Island and Our Son Don and his family in Las Vegas are close to being debt free as well. Thank You from the bottom of our hearts! God Bless."

-- Moki and Verna Okami | October 2009

101 Financial Has Been the Best Thing for Us

Wehrsig Family "My husband Neil and I have been clients of 101 Financial for little over one year. When we were introduced to 101 Financial from my sister Shantell, I was so stressed and not in the mood to hear about another way to sell something to make more money. She said she didn't even know much about 101 Financial but was going to learn more that Sunday at a free seminar at a mutual friend's house, so she invited me to come. In the meantime we both googled 101 Financial, checked BBB, and also googled Alan Akina the president. We figured anything good or bad about anything it will be on the internet. We only found positive feedback, which was very uplifting considering so much negative going around me at that time.

I had just been told that my hours were gonna be cut back, which meant now we were gonna be short about $500.00/mo now. I applied for a consolidation loan at my credit union earlier that day, and got a call that afternoon saying I was approved and I just needed to come in and sign papers. It was a Friday, and I could've went in easily, it's the next street over from where I worked, but I asked if I could come in on Monday instead to sign papers, and she said sure no problem.

Its funny how things work out, there must have been a reason why I decided not to go, because that night is when I heard about 101 Financial.

So I went to the seminar on that Sunday, and my husband a few days later came with me to see the presentation along with our free financial analysis results. It "blew" us away. It was hard for me, because I seriously thought we were doing fine, and I was the queen of budgeting. To see it all in black & white in writing, together all of our consumer debt was hard! It made sense though, in why we work hard, get paid good, pay our bills, provide the best for our family, but never seem to be able to move ahead. That was the biggest and most frustrating because we want to be here in Hawaii and raise our children here. When it was presented to us that we could pay off all of our debt in a little over 4 years with a plan, a road map, a guide, and support of people we knew, it only made sense to go ahead & move forward, because the way we were doing it was not moving us forward.

In the first few months we paid off 3 credit cards, and little over $10,000.00 of debt! The 101 system has helped us set some goals financially, and personally. Since we have all of our finances together now, it sure does make a lot easier to track and keep ea. other accountable. We have a pretty consistent ritual, I call it our "101 Sunday Date" we go over our calendar, our projections, our financials, and what's going on for that upcoming week. It's really been a blessing in our marriage. My husband talks to me more, and opens up more about a lot of things. I am learning to be a better listener, and that makes a big difference as well. We are not stressed out, and we see the results financially and personally, overall it's been the best thing for us!

Another hardship came our way this past March. I got laid off, and lost my job. I did not see it coming, at all! I was told not to worry, that i was secured with my job. It was more devastating personally for me, because I had been there 9 years and they were like my 2nd family. This was the true test of our 101 Financial personal system. Let me tell you this, Neil and I kept up with being even a little more aware of our expenses, and kept up with our 101 system, we didn't feel a damper, or a ding in our "living" day to day. We were still able to pay all our bills, rent, food, and necessities for our family. Our children don't know the difference, just that mommy is home now after school, and that's been great!

This is what I will end with. Currently we have paid off around $20K, and all this with me being laid off. Yes we probably would've been able to pay off more debt, but to know we can pay all of our monthly bills & expenses, and still pay a little debt, that blows my mind away. What really makes me happy is that my husband and I are even stronger today, and our children look at us with their eyes and I see their happiness! We are so blessed to have the support of our 101 family, for where I thought I lost a lot with my 2nd family from my job; I gained so many wonderful, supporting, encouraging, forever family & friends with 101 Financial! Mahalo Nui Loa from the Bottom of my Heart."

-- Shanah-lee & Neil Wehrsig | Kona, Big Island - Hawaii | October 2009

The Program Helped Us to Float Through that Tough Time

"My husband & I joined 101 Financial and started paying off bills right away. There was money to make chunk payments and the system was really working for us. Then I lost my job. I was out of work for 6 months. The program helped us "to float" through that tough time. We're getting our finances in line again, and we didn't have to rely on credit cards to get us through it!"

-- Jesica Matsuoka, Kauai

We Were Able to Sell Our Home with Greater Equity

"We were able to use 101 Financial to pay down our home mortgage to the point where our principal was greater than interest payment. At the same time, we paid off a new vehicle within one year. After paying down the mortgage significantly, we were able to sell our home with greater equity and purchase a new and nicer home. We are currently on track to pay off that mortgage within five years."

-- Dar & John Burgess, Kauai

Peace of Mind for Our Future and the Future of Our Children

Yoshimura Family "Hi, we are Scot and Debbie Yoshimura from Kona and we have been on the 101 Financial system for the past 10 weeks. In this short period of time, we have already taken 3 years off of our current mortgage and we are excited to see where this system will take us! What we like best about the system is that we don't have to curb our spending habits. We can buy what we need and want and not worry about getting deeper into debt.

We have 3 very young children and prior to enrolling into the system, we were concerned about how we would be able to afford putting them all through college. Now that we can see what the system is capable of doing for us, we no longer worry about that.

The bottom line is that, at the very least, it gives us peace of mind for our future and the future of our children. Thank you, 101 Financial, for giving us the tools to turn all of our dreams into reality!"

-- Scot and Debbie Yoshimura, Kona, Hawaii

Being on the System has Made Paying Bills Fun

Couture Family "We came to 101 Financial in June of 2008 with approximately $40,000.00 in consumer debt. If we continued to pay off our debt conventionally "the way the bank taught us", it would have taken us close to 22 years, to pay off our debt with interest charges. Being on the i101 system, in just three months we have paid off over $25,000.00 in debt. With just one income! We will be totally debt free in the next four to six months. There is NO WAY this would have been possible without 101 Financial. Being on the i101 system has made paying every day bills FUN!

We just got married on September 13, 2008. We will be debt free not too long after our honeymoon. That will be our best wedding gift to each other. Financial peace of mind! We will soon be looking to buy our first home, thank you 101 financial."

-- James and Shena Couture, Kailua-Kona

We Have Accomplished More in One Year Than We've Ever Imagined

Cabiles Family "The burden of stress, worry, and bondage to our mortgage debt and a desire to handle our own finances wisely, 101 FINANCIAL has brought relief. My wife and I no longer fear the uncertainty tomorrow may bring and are hopeful to fulfilling our dreams for a second home and a comfortable retirement. Upon becoming members our mortgage loan stood at twenty-seven years. Through the 101 System we've paid off our mortgage loan in less than a year, broaden our financial knowledge, oneness in working our finances, invested in two properties, new friends, and working towards opening our second business. We have accomplished more in one year than we've ever imagined. We're stoked the impossible "is" possible! Thank You a thousand fold 101 Financial our hearts are forever grateful!"

-- Jeff and Lei Cabiles from Maui

The Future's So Bright, We Gotta' Wear Shades

Calbero Family "My husband and I were first introduced to 101 Financial by attending a 101 Financial Seminar given by guest speaker Alan Akina. We were very curious but skeptical and cautious. Alan was very sincere, humble and heartfelt in his presentation. That moved us to fill out the debt analysis. We in turn received a simple, easy to read statement which showed that conventionally we would take 20 years and 2 months to clear our debt and end up paying over $167,000.00 in interest. However, on the 101 Financial System we would be debt-free in about a third of that time, saving over $108,000.00 in interest! Needless to say, we were still skeptical. But with the help of our agent taking us through every step of the way, we paid off one car loan within weeks and made an additional payment of $8000.00 on our mortgage in 2 months. By doing that we're already 2 years ahead of the conventional method.

We are so grateful that we were introduced to 101 Financial. We did not believe that the system would work. Two months later, we cannot stop sharing with others about our experience with 101 Financial. Our suggestion to you is to talk to an agent because they really want to help you get debt-free. Listen to what they have to say; you will not regret it. Words cannot fully describe the joy and stress-relief this system brings. Things are looking up - the future's so bright, I gotta' wear shades."

-- Rod and Debby Calbero, Kailua-Kona

Life Happens

"101 truly offers financial peace of mind. 6 months after starting the system Wes got sick and was out of work for 3 wks, no vacation or sick leave. My paycheck was 2 1/2 weeks late during that same time. This was when I learned the TRUE meaning of financial peace of mind. Because of the 101 system we were able to make it through and focus on Wes getting back his health, instead of stressing about the bills or how to get food to the table. We are still on track to being debt free and are looking forward to the opportunities ahead."

-- Wes & Roberta D., Pepeekeo, Big Island

We're Looking Ahead to Brighter Days

"We've been on the 101 Financial system for about 6 months. In the first 30 days of being on the program we paid off the balance of our car loan of about $4,000. We paid it off a year ahead of time and saved all those interest payments for 12 more months, plus freed up $350 a month to put toward other debt.

We were also able to make a $5,000 additional "principal only" payment to our mortgage, which took over 4 months off of our payment schedule. Over the next 5 months we were able to bring our mortgage principal down another $15,000 plus. In so doing, the monthly interest amount has been reduced about $100 a month (freeing that up to be applied to the mortgage) and shortened our payment schedule at least 8 months (saving us all those interest payments).

In addition, we were able to fly our son and his family from HB, Ca. to Seattle, Wa. to see Bob's family who had never met our daughter-in-law and their infant son. Then we purchased a matching washer and dryer for over $2,000. All of this without incurring additional debt.

Before being on the 101 financial system we never could have done all of this in so short a time. We finally have hope that we no longer need to live from paycheck to paycheck, but rather can walk in a state of financial peace of mind, and looking ahead to brighter days in which we can build wealth. Thank you, 101 Financial."

-- Bob and Kathie Mundy from Kahului, Maui

Support is Unrivaled, Unmatched and Unbeatable

"The 101 Financial System is an extremely efficient and very quick way to pay your debts of any kind, whether it be mortgage, car or personal loans or credit cards. The Wealth development program of 101 Financial and help support is unrivaled, unmatched and unbeatable, and head and shoulders over any company similar to it.

PS.... 101 Financial System can also help people with little or no debts or have sizable assets and looking for a Wealth Development program."

-- Moses and Virginia Timbal from Hana, Maui

Teaching Us a Better Way of Banking

"We consolidated our credit cards and another loan just before we enrolled with 101 Financial. I would go to bed late and wake up early because of the stress. When we first started with 101 Financial, I would be sitting at my desk thinking about what bills I had to pay, however everything was paid for.

Our 1st year on the 101 system, we were able to apply $50K towards our mortgage and paid it on time. Our credit score is in the high 700's and we truly have financial peace of mind. We also are investing in several different real estate projects. We would never be able to do that without the guidance of our mentor.

Our 2 daughters, which are in their 20's, are utilizing the i101 system of banking. They will not feel the stress of banking the conventional way. Now they have a much better future.

I want to Thank God for answering my prayers, Alan and Corey for their leadership, vision and friendship, and for 101 Financial for teaching us a better way of banking for our future.

Me ke aloha"

-- Rochelle and Earl Inouye

Financial Confidence has Finally Come

"101 Financial has helped me gain the financial confidence that I have been awaiting for many years. Prior to joining 101, my credit score was really bad - in the mid 500. I had credit card debt and a mortgage. I was living paycheck-to-paycheck prioritizing what bills needed to be paid. Getting bill collection calls, paying utilities when the suspension notices were sent, post dating checks to pay bills, told my son that I would buy him a car for transportation two years ago and couldn't, and so on. Banks and mortgages companies did not want to help me.

I was told about 101 Financial by a very good friend who was a member of the company. It took a year of sacrifice to qualify, but made it. Presently, I have been a member of 101 for 10 months. Big changes have occurred. Presently, carrying a zero balance on my credit cards, bought a new car for my son for college transportation, bought myself a much needed new truck, and was able to put down $5,000 to the principle of the mortgage.

I pay my bills on time, no worries of post dating checks, and have my finances readily available for emergencies just in case it happens. Credit score is now close to 700. All this in 10 months of being in 101 and making less money prior to 101 and without changing my lifestyle. Financial Confidence has finally come. Thank you 101 for relieving me of all that financial stress."

-- Lew Lindsey

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